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    • Thank you for application, best of luck! 😄
    • In-game name: Focus Age: 17 What time zone you live in: ACDT (Australian Central District Timezone) How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): 5 hours per day How you contributed to the game: I answer questions frequently and help new comers with their introduction to the server.  How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): 245 hours. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): Many times I have noticed there were no staff members online throughout the night; this would be because of the different time zones. I feel like I can deal with situations effectively in order for smooth game play for our players while there are no other staff members online. How are you with dealing with people / problems: I am quite calm while resolving situations and look at both people's point of view. If something small has occurred and I can deal with the situation on the spot, I will warn them and alert staff members of the situation. If something serious has occurred I will notify higher staff immediately. 
    • Really enjoying this update whole lot. Brought something more todo in-game for that gauntlet :P
    • thx for that great update! enjoying it!
    • - Fixed pet venom,spiderman inventory models.
      - Changed B tickets, Q tickets inventory models.
      - Added zbuffering. Reworked client.
      - Added mega (global boss)  (60 hours playtime required to acces this zone)
      - Added starter boss (boss for starters,only 20 hours you can acces this zone) Drops cool stuff for starters, soes, gs boxes, gs coins,cash. - Added Thanos Infinity gauntlet. (AOE magic weapon)
      How to get it?
      Collect 6 stones and empty gauntlet and upgrade it.
      Thanos drops empty gauntlet 1:1000 chance.
      Time Stone - Soloraids store (::soloraid)
      Space Stone - Teamraids boss drop (::joinraid)
      Soul Stone - Marvelraids drop
      Reality Stone - Slayer store.
      Power Stone - Gs store.
      Mind Stone - Deadislands treasure chest.
      - Added custom yell tags.
      How to set colors and tag? Pick a color from this link. - Added junk store (1b)
      - Fixed AFK tree
      - Fixed instances.
      - Fixed teamraids, now only players who doing joinraid can attack final room boss.
      - Boosted team raids boss stats.
      - Nerfed owner staff,venom staff.
      - Added goldenscape statue at home.
      - Fixed slayer helmets. (now slayer when u wear slayer helmet you receive more slayer points)  
      First helmet = pointsReceived * 1.2
      Slayer helmet [1] = points received * 1.4
      Slayer helmet [2] = points received * 1.6
      Slayer helmet [3] = points received * 1.8
      Slayer helmet [4] = points received * 2.0
      Slayer helmet [5] = points received * 2.2 - Changed endgame upgrader prices.
      - Added ::progressions
      - Fixed pet perks ( now exp boost works well)
      - Added slayer helm [0] to starter tasks rewards.
      - Added upgrade option to slayer helm [0]
      - Changed startertasks rewards.
      - Fixed ::raids doors. 
      - Added changing prayer effects to some npcs ingame.
      Mega bosses.  
      - Added best pet ingame Broly. (Gives All bonuses 2.5x)

      - Added 7 dragon balls.
      Collect all 7 dragon balls. Bring to broly,and claim your dbz reward scroll! - Added dragon balls drops to Vegeta and Goku. - Added dragon balls to vegeta soul and goku soul. - Added more Thanos,Goku,Vegeta npcs. - Added Damage counter. - Changed draconic map.
      - Released darklord set. (megaboss drop) - Added some effects for some items - Gambling is for sponsors,supersponsors,diamonds! - Added shop restocking every 15 mins!     Enjoy.
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