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Update Version 1.8 Christmas

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*Added Christmas Town.

xmas town media.png

christmas town ssd.png

*Added 16 new colored sleds and phats.

sleds phats.png

*Added cyan party hat and spec


*Added Christmas store:

christmas points zone.png

*Added Christmas reward chest:

christmas chest drops.png


christmas store + chest.png

*Added 2020 zone: (quest zone,each kills gives Christmas points, drops 4 Christmas set parts) 1:100 drop rate. Different npc different set part.

2020 zone.png

*Added Christmas points zone: (each kills gives Christmas points,drops: Scroll of enchant box, scroll of enchants,Christmas cracker,Christmas box,Christmas boss key,red heart crystal)

christmas points zone.png

*Added Christmas tree hat: 

christmas  tree hat.png

*Added Christmas clue scroll. (Award Christmas tree hat)

christmas clue scroll.png

*Added Christmas maul ( limited edition 15% drop rate, 45k str)


christmas hammer.png

*Added Christmas minigun (limited edition 30% drop rate,also gives nice damage boost bonuses)

christmas minigun.png

*Added Christmas cracker quest. (bring Christmas cracker to Santa and get award)

*Christmas box, 1K GS coins, 300 Christmas points.

christmas quest 1.png

*Added locked Santa quest:

christmas quest 2.png

You need to release Santa. Get 4 set parts from 2020 zone bring those parts to Christmas Cupboard.

christmas quest 32.png

Awards: You will receive a 3 Christmas box, 5K GS coins. 

Craft the key. Bring the key to the Altar use on it.  And back to locked Santa!

Awards: You will receive a 5 Christmas box, 15K GS coins, 300 Christmas points.


*Added school girls quest:

How to start it ? talk with girl near Christmas tree.

After that you will receive a girls letter.

girls letter quest.png

Find 4 Npcs talk with them and bring 4 toys back to school girl.

After that you will receive your award:

 You will receive  a 3 Christmas box,  3.5K GS coins, 300 Christmas points.


*Added custom  color changing Santa hat:

colorchanging santahat.png

*Added Christmas box, Christmas donate box.

christmas presents.png

*Added Christmas Schyte:

christmas schyte.png

*Added Christmas boss: (5 million hp, drops Christmas reward chest key)



-----------------------------------------------------------------------End of Christmas--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

*Added Blackstone warmonger Instance. (Donate 3Q bill tickets and the boss will spawn on ::blackstone zone)

blackstone warmonger instance npc.png

Drops: (3 players will receive drop)

blackstonewarmongers drops.png

warmonger boss spawn.png

*Added ::donationdeals

donation deals.png

*Added new scratch card!

goldenscratch card.png



*Added new achievements system with rewards:

new achievements.png

*Changed old scratchcards loots:

new scratchcards loots.png

*Added new raids. ::joinraid to join it!:)

1-2 room new raid.png

2-4 new raid room.png


new raids boss.png

7 stages. (5 players get drops)


new raids minigame loots.png


*Added Lit asf maul. 15% drop rate:

litasf hammer.pngUntitled.png

*Deleted some objects from deadisland:

remove those spots.png

*Changed deadislands npcs key droprate to 1:300 was 1:400.Now pet spiderman,venom,god of war,elite void parts is tradable!
*Added ::pray ::hp command for diamond donors.(admins+) (every 7 mins u can use this command to restore prayer and hp)
*Fixed roulette minigame bug.
*Fixed lava texture.
*Changed lucky box drop ammount on global and raids.

*Added giveaway system.

Few changes after update:

-Fixed Pets : Vegeta,Infartico Goku.
-Changed the scratch cards price on GS store.
-Removed Donation christmas box from Christmas reward chest.
-Added Donation christmas box on donation store.: 
-Now sponsors,super sponsors,diamonds can gamble!
-Fixed New raids. Now when you teleport out from the zone you auto dissmised from minigame!
-Changed new raid boss npc.  (due of issues with dissapeared drops)
-Added ::christmaspoints , ::christmaspoints2 zones

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