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Goldenscape - Custom RSPS
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Kentov Apply.

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Name(optional): Domantas


In-game name: Kentov


Age: 20


What time zone you live inGMT : +2


How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.)8-10 hours a day and more. 


How you contributed to the gameDiamond donator,  i always communicate with players, especially with new ones, always tell them what they should grind and do, 


How long you have been playing: Playing for a week, at the moment my play time is : 68 Hours. 8-10 Hours A Day.


What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others) I got a bit expierence on this server source, i was helper on other server.  I'm always listen people problems and try to help them to solve it also im always trying to be Polite as a player.


How are you dealing with problemsMy duty is solve all people problems, answear all questions. 


How are you with dealing with people: Same as with problems. 

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Thanks for applying but you MUST have 100 hours, that is a REQUIREMENT which can not be avoided.

Please apply again if you have followed all the requirements.

DECLINED for now..

GS Staff Team.


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