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Goldenscape - Custom RSPS
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Kentov Suggestion List.

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Hello, today im decited to make suggestion list since i'm playing for a week or more this server. 


  • 1. Add some good drops to ::marvel , make it worth to do not only for collection necklace, maybe add Collection aura also.
  • 2. Add stats to these torva sets (magma,rainbow,fire) , maybe a bit better than lakers because these you can get only from lucky boxes.
  • 3. people really struggle to get dead keys from ::deadisland, so nerf drop rate 1/250 or 1/300 , since its kind a hard to get good loot from chest also. For myself already did 70+ keys, it doesnt really looks worth it.
  • 4.  72e8fbfb68e402786dd583de1e93666f901.png , remove selected objects from ::Deadisland , sometimes it makes you stuck.
  • 5. Make these items treadeble : SpiderPet,VenomPet, God of War Minigun , Void elite pieces.  example: if you get 1 spiderPet what the point to have 2-3 of them? if you can't even sell em.
  • 6. c484a4ef6698b19ea09f1a4e629a28ea742.png , i dont know how to fix it, but maybe its possible lower timer or something? after you kill NPC you have to wait for full death animation and a bit more, it takes alot of time to attack other NPC again.
  • 7. Drop rate : 04a293f7b4def49b2e92851df8fea323656.png it's capped @ 80. i already calculated 91, but it shows only 80. 
  • 8. Make ,,Well of Goodwill'' gives also 10% drop rate and double drop rate, at the moment its only double drop rate +10%.

Thats it for today! waiting for everyone opinion!  Agree/Disagree.

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DR cap is 80, cant go over.

i agree on the well of goodwill, it could also add DR bonus but again, it caps at 80.

Void pieces are tradable but only helmets, i think its due to the fact that PC is fun and super easy to get points so it really doesnt take long to get full set, if full set was tradable PC minigame would be DEAD. it's just chance at upgrade. so i disagree on this one.

Just my Opinions on suggestions, other then those, i agree with them.

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