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Update Version 1.6

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Added ironman store. for ironman,and hardcore iron mans.(1b)

ironman store.png

Added new custom zone for multi weapons.


Added new custom single zone.


Added Smoke diamonds drops to custom zone luigy and turbo pikachu.

Added diamonds drops to diamond zone (shadow,ice,smoke,blood) 

Added winter on GS world.

Added Christmas trees at home.

christmas trees.png

Added GS coins.

GS coins.png

Added GS store.

GS coins store.png

Buffed owner staff. (to AOE weapon)

Added upgraded z500 weapon. 15% droprate.

z500 main upgraded.png

Added upgraded z500 offhand. 12% droprate. (how to get upgrade on upgrade machine 50% chance to succes)

z500 both offhand.png

Deleted collector aura drop from luigy and turbo pikachu. 

Added more raid keys drop to spiderman,infartico.

Changed rare drop shouts to private (was public)

Added auto character backup system.

Added ::upgrade command (opens upgrade interface)

Added Golden katana:

golde katana.png

Added Golden offhand sword:

lighting offhand.png

Added Legendary crafter:

legendary crafter.png

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