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Opening boxes guide

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  *Blue heart crystal loots: *best on game* ( owner cape, owner staff, weed aura, collector aura, blood glaive, icy glaive, thunder staff, soul katana, draconic godsword, z500 , z500 offhand, devil may cry duals, gods glaive, upgraded collector aura, god`s minigun, ironman set 1+, ironman set 2+, ironman set 3+, ironman set 4+,completed iron man set)




*Red heart crystal loots: (rainbow-purple santa hats, lava-cyan partyhats, captain america shield, berserker cape, destroyer set, tactical set,SSj-SSj maxed auras, vegeta set, pet box,captain america set, pernix set, teddy bear, animals set, raiden set,iron man set,goku set,blood offhand glaive)




*Lucky box (1b tickets,lakers torva, cheetos torva, teddy bear, fire torva set, flaming pheonix set, magma torva set, elite torva set, brutal whip, rainbow torva set, z500, z500offhand, thunder staff)

luckybox loots.png



*Donator box (1b tickets, lakers torva set, pet box,pet goku, pet vegeta, devil torva set, flaming pheonix set, elite torva set, oblivion set, rising star set ,donator scroll,  scroll of enchant, ring of wealth [1], ring of wealth [2], ring of wealth [3], dual beretta, blood sniper, 6 kind antifire shields, infernal m16 (mh-oh),pet godzilla, pet callisto, pet deadly dragon slayer, lucky ring of wealth)

donor box.png



*GS box (1b tickets, Maxed ssj aura,  vegeta set,goku set, water blade, rising star blade, infernal minigun, infernal m16 (mh-oh), z500, z500 offhand)

gs box.png



*Rising star box (1b tickets,  scroll of enchant, donator scroll, ice necklase, rising star set,wings, water blade, water staff, water bow)

rising star box.png



*Infernal groudon box (1b tickets, infernal set,ring of wealth [2],infernal m16 main hand, infernal m16 offhand, infernal minigun, infernal neclase)

infernal groudon box.png



*Abbadon box (1b tickets,  blood godsword, blood departure set, blood sniper, dual beretta)

abbadon box.png



*Baphomet box (1b tickets,baphomet offhand, baphomet torva set)


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