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First of all welcome to Goldenscape


When you login for the first time, you must choose what mode you want to play the game , after that you must set a pin for your security.

For example :-





After that you can start wandering aroung and think where to go, well you can use a spell book for teleports and also use ::tt.




 As a starter you should start at monsters get yourself a gear and a weapon and after that you can start doing the bosses.

And for easier gear and weapon I suggest you to do the ::startertasks, it has some easy tasks:



And now for the drop rate items, at Cerberus you can get Lucky Boxes witch gives you some money and there is a chance that you might get a teddy bear.




Also you can kill Pheonix for the Flaming set + Brutal and some Donator boxes .




After all of that when you  get a gear you can move on to the bosses , there is a lot of bosses for different kind of amazing loot.

Like Thor for Thor's Hammer and Blood Glavie and both of these weapons are Upgradeble ;


Also there is Iron man for Iron man set ;



And a lot more. It would take alot of time to show it all ?

Let's move on the upgrade machine , the machine is located at home outside the bank ,to upgrade you need a Soul of Enchant and the amount of Soes  depends on what item you are upgradingimage.png


Also voting is an easy way to get some cool stuff like Donator boxes , cash , mboxes and lastly vote scroll…

Voting is not that hard. First type ingame ::vote, it takes you to this page



Then type your in game name and after that you have to vote on the five pages.

And after that you can claim whatever reward you want by  typing ::reward and the number of the item you want to get.




And I guess that’s it for the new players , if you want any other kind of help make sure to pm Staff in Discord or in game.



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