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Update Version 1.5

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*Added pernix set upgrade.
Ocean pernix.
Lava pernix.


*Added toxic void katana.

toxic katana.png
*Added toxic void set. 4 parts.

toxic void.png

*Reworked spiderman and infartico. Now they gives drop every kill
to 5 randoms.


*Added raid boss key.
*Added raid boss chest. 

raid key showin.png

raid chest loots.png

*Added 3 new capes.

3 new capes.png

*Added instance manager. (for all)

instance manager npc.pnginstance manager interface.png

*Added evil tree store.

evil tree kidling.png
Fixed evil tree locations.

*Added new items on star dusk store.
Fixed crashed star locations.

*Added god`s weapons crafter.

crafter items.png

*Added 4 new gods weapons.
Gods hammer
Gods brutal
Gods sword
Gods duals 
All weapons have special attacks!

*Added blood,ice,shadow diamonds.
*Added blood,ice,shadow diamond drops to global boss,raid boss,raid chest,marvel raids awards,scratch cards,star dusk store,evil tree store,random gems when minning.

*Added new multi zone ::custom. (fast 1b tickets)
Drops: soes,all kind diamonds,pet box,donor box,lucky box. Collector aura: 1:10000 chance


Fixed Player owned stores,now you dont need to wait delay
Added AEO (multi weaponsm,hits with radius)
Atm 2 weapons ingame (Z500, Spiderman glaive) 


Changed daily rewards:

dailyrewards change.png

Changed spidermans glaive textures.

Changed SSJ,MAXED SSJ aura textures.

Changed Z500+OFFHAND textures.


Lowered soes prices on boss store,vote store,trivia store,slayer store,loyalty store.

Added ::priceguide command

Changed upgrade chances,now its much easer to enchant items!


*Icy,gods glaives got nerfed.

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