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Update Version 1.4

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*Added couple fast teleport commands:
:: draconic - teleports to draconic global boss    
:: fumus - teleports to fumus    
:: thor - teleports to thor
:: thanos - teleports to thanos
:: captainamerica - teleports to captain america
:: soulscreamer - teleports to soulscreamer
:: raiden - teleports to raiden    
:: spiderman - teleports to spiderman    
:: infartico - teleports to infartico        
:: vegeta - teleports to vegeta    
:: goku - teleports to goku
:: defenders
:: marvel
:: tactical
:: destroyer  

*Deleted some opening box common,uncommon drops shouts.

*Disabled gambling for reg players,donators,super donators,sponsors,admins (only supersponsor and diamond ranks can gamble)

*Lowered starter task, cut logs ammount, cook sharks ammount, make fire ammount.

*Lowered goku,vegeta HP.

*Added more iron mans to ironmans zone.

*Changed vote rewards: 
Was 2k bill tickets now 10k bill tickets per vote!
Donator box now cost 1vote point!

*Added new main-web page.

*Added right click option check drops on draconic global bosses.



*Added red and blue crystal hearts

heart crystals.png

blue cheart loots.png *Only for donate.


red cheart loots.png  

*Added thor hammer +1,+2,+3 ( now you can upgrade your regular thor hammer )

thor warhammer.png

*Added ironman sets +1,+2,+3,+4,Completed.

iron man upgrades1.png

iron man upgrades2.png

Completed iron man set: (best ingame)

 completed ironman set stats.png

*Added defenders minigame.
defenders minigame..png

Best award: Legacy shield.  

legacy shield award for defenders minigame.png

*Added tactical wizard. Drops tactical mage gear.

Tactical npc.pngtactical set.png

*Added destroyer. Drops  destroyer range gear.

destroyer npc.pngdestroyer stasts.png

*Added referral system

referral system.png

*Added head icons for super sponsors,diamonds,helpers,mods,admins,owners.


*Added new npc tasks.

new tasks.png

*Added ::tt new teleport interface.




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