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Update Version 1.3

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Update Version 1.3

*Added enchant scrolls to boss point store.
*Halfed enchant scroll price on loyality store.
*Fixed gamble bug. ( now 28+ items will goes to the bank)
*Fixed clue scroll places.

*Nerfed some items,Stats and droprate.

(thunder staff now hits only 2 times was 4.)

*Changed some server messages colors.


*Added ::startertasks.

Complete all tasks and take your reward!

*Added Scratch cards!



Common : 3 different santa hats

Rare: heka`s schyte, weed collector aura,10$ donate scroll.

*Added ::npctasks

Each task gives a reward!

npc tasks.png

Added 3 new global bosses.

You cant acces this zone with owner cape.

Everykill gives 100% drop.

Npcs spawn time: 1-4hours after kill.

1.png Draconic 200m hp multi boss!

2.pngDraconic warrior 200m HP.3.png Draconic wizard 200M HP.

All 3 npcs drops 10 different droptables.

Drops scrolls of enchant 5-50x.


*Added pet perk system. 

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