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Update Version 1.1

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*Added Youtuber aura 
*Added Youtuber necklase.
*Added Youtuber pet.

Youtuber things.png

*Added top donator aura 15% droprate, 15% double drop chance. 10k strenght,45k range bonuses + auto collects all items.
(Every end of the month a player who donated biggest ammount of $ will get this aura) It changes colors.

Topdonor aura.png

*Added soul katana

soul katana.png

*Added Thor warhammer. 11% droprate.

Thor hammer.png

*Added Iron man set.

Iron man set.png

*Added Captain america set.

Captain america setr.png

*Added Captain america shield.

Captain america shield.png


*Added Pernix set.

Pernix set.png


*Added Nice wings.

nice wings.png

*Added dark raiden set. (how to get it?) upgrade raiden set.

Dark raiden set.png

*Added baboo mask.

baboo mask.png

*Added Thanos Cape.

Thanos cape.png

*Added Thanos ring.

Thanos ring.png

*Added souls. Thanos,Fumus,Ironman,Captain america,Thor.

(Get 1500 souls and forge it. You will receive random drop from npcs droptable.)


*Added 5 new bosses. (1:1000 droprate)

You receive 1x soul every kill.

Captain ameriuca.png

Iron man.png




*Added Gambling Flag. (banner)
*Added Donator Flag. (banner)
*Added soul katana drop to soulscreamer.
*Removed collectors aura drops from all npcs.
*Changed yell tag`s colors.
*Fixed Ragefire bow (was broken)
*Added stats to magma torva. 
*Added dark raiden set. (how to get it?) upgrade raiden set.
*Changed owner staff attack gfx and animations.

*Fixed mythical seeds ( when you collect 100 of seeds click on it and you will receive good looking sword )


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