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Quick ::raids Guide

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New to Raids? Tired of getting 1 hit? Just want some advice? No problem!

What do I need to do for ::raids to be successful on most* of my runs?

99 ea stat
50k kc
God Potion
Decent-Good Gear (Cyan void or better)
Cyan aura or Beerus Collector
Max Cape
Good Shield (If not two handed) Deadpool Offhand, Skittlez offhand or +1 or +2, War God Shield, War God Primal Shield
Good weapon
Melee: Skittlez or +1 or +2, Zeus weapon melee form, War god Axe, or War God Primal Axe. Shannon 1-5
Range: RFB or Upgraded RFB (Upgrade is 100% chance and if you go range, I fully recommend upgrading it)
Mage: Venom staff, Zeus weapon mage form, Owner Staff

(Please NOTE: A strong melee setup in my experience is perhaps the strongest and quickest way to do raids, but you need to have a backup mage or range weapon with you in case you get frozen, otherwise you will likely go down, even fully geared, if you get aggroed while frozen)

Must Pray: Deflect Mage & Turmoil (This is a must!)

Host: Make sure you have a host following these guidelines, otherwise if they go down, the whole party loses the raid!

First thing, get 99 all stats and get yourself a Max Cape from veteran npc at home
(For skilling/leveling help, refer to Yahtzee's Xp lamp guide & also his skilling guide, both on the forums)

Do soloraids until you get a z500 weapon (aoe) from the soloraid chest

Go to ::custom

Farm raichus or luigis until 50k kc (Not to bad honestly, plus you will have a lot of diamonds and scrolls of enchant to sell for $$$) 100-200k ea per soe or diamond, so selling 5-10 of them will give you 1q for example

Use the 50k custom coins you will have at custom shop to buy a gods minigun (aoe) much better then z500

Use diamonds and soes to sell/trade to other players to purchase gear, and a better raid weapon if you have enough

Then do ::moneyzone or ::mmk (These can be done with gods minigun if necessary, but these zones are not aoe, but it will work as a decent single target weapon)

To get loot and money to sell/keep to make a good raid set

Also do ::moneyzone runs and get about 10-20 chemical x potions, (They drop from any moneyzone npc), you will need chemical x's and scroll of enchants to make god potions at endgame gear upgrader at home

This is a must for a host, because if the host goes down, so does the whole party, and honestly anyone that wants to be efficient at raids:

Drink god potion (1500 combat stats & regen better then ss for 240 minutes aka 4 hours)

Pray Deflect Magic and Turmoil (Do not use soul split, it brings your health down from 1500 to 99, and the god potion healing will work perfectly for you, just do it, you will see, also deflect magic will give you the optimal protection you need, which you can't use along side soul split)

Make sure you gear is in check (Look above for a reference)

All players wanting to join the raid party do ::raids

Then have the host do ::createparty

They right click each player, and invite them

The player will get a notification in chat

The player left clicks the notification

When all players are in the party

The host does ::startraid

Also, when the raid is complete, have everyone stay in the raids reward room, and when everyone is ready, the host can simply ::startraid again, without having to create another party

If someone leaves the rewards room, they will leave the party

If the host leaves the rewards room, the party is disbanded, and the host has to create a new party (Thanks ice for the quick ::startraid addition)


Protect your host, if they go down, the whole party does

Try not to get swarmed by too many aggroing enemies at once, even with the guide above and great gear, you can still go down!

After all the rounds are completed, all players will get a raid key and be teleported to the reward chest room, open the chest, get your loot, and then do ::raids again to go back, form another party, and repeat!

List of rewards (At least that I have seen drop)

1q Tickets
Scrolls of Enchant
Mythical shards (both kinds)
Dragon Eggs (both kinds)
Void Pieces (I have seen toxic, golden and cyan likely drop too)
Void Set Boxes (I have seen toxic, probably the same as above)
Frieza Pieces
Beerus Pieces
Buu Pieces
God potion
War God Pieces
Golden Buu Pieces
Ragefire Bow
Owners Staff
(Probably others I have missed, feel free to discord me or post in here and I will update accordingly!)

Also special loot tip:

Individual bosses during raids: Most have drops, usually drops from buu's loot pool or donald trumps loot pool

Mmk bosses: Also give mmk points

Corporeal Beast: Gives a few small drops of diamonds and cash everytime, also have a 1/1k chance to drop the exclusive Diamond Torva Set Piece, which is basically a cosmetic, however, this is the only way to get the set, and this is the only place to face him (Mini corps don't drop Diamond Torva, and there is only 1 corp per raid, so if your a collector/into fashionscape, don't forget about Corp during the raids! (Diamond torva is a dated set with noobish stats, corp used to be a farmable boss, was taken out awhile back, but is now an enemy in ::raids, still a cool cosmetic set!)

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