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Update Version 2.2

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- Updated owner cape zone.

ownercape zone update.png

- Added Kid Buu set (unique) 5 parts.
- Added Kid buu npc (unique).




- Added Majin ring (best ingame,also with acces to kid buu zone)

majin ring.png

- Added cell map (DBZ)
- Added cell set.

- Added cell npc.


cell tp interface.png

dbz zone.png

- Added goodie box.

GS goodie box.png

GS goodie box rewards.png

- Changed spellbook teleports icons.

spellbook teleports change.png

- Added cyan broly zone. (drops cyan broly pet,golden dragon balls,assasin claw)


cyan broly tp interfacve.png

cyan broly zone.png

- Added Joker.
- Added Jokers zone, npcs.
- Added Jokers helm,body,legs,shield.



joker tp interface.png

joker zone.png

- Added deadpool.
- Added deadpool zone, npcs.
- Added deadpool set, weapon, offhand.




deadpool tp interface.png

deadpool zone.png

- Added new cryptic box.

cryptic box loots.png

- Added new golden dragon balls (7)
- Added new golden dragon balls quest. (you can finish it one time)

dbz quest golden 1.png

dbz quest 2.png


- Added StoreMbox


storembox loots.png

- Added new Q tickets store you can buy some new stuff from it.


- Added some set bonuses
Full cell gear bonus = * 2.5
Full kid buu gear bonus = *4.0
Full deadpool gear bonus = *1.5
Full joker gear bonus = *1.5
Full completed ironman gear bonus = *4.0

Added new scrolls to q ticket store.

Double drop scroll ( 2 mins, every drop * 2)


5X damage scroll  ( 2 mins, all damage * 5)


10X damage scroll  ( 2 mins, all damage * 10


Double slayer scroll (5min, slayer points * 2)


Triple slayer scroll (5min, slayer points * 3)



- Added ::online command.

online interface.png


- Added 5 new pets.

1. Buu 3.5x bonuses (best ingame).

2. Cell 2.8x bonuses.

3. Cyan Broly 2.8x bonuses.

4. Deadpool 2.7x bonuses.

4. Joker 2.6x bonuses.


------------------- Fixes Changes -------------------------

- Changed cheetos torva textures.
- Removed custom yell tag for donors,super donors,sponsors.
- Reworked custom yell tag system.
- Fixed deadisland boss achievement
- Added KBD on tormented zone.
- Changed assemble 5 godswords achievement to finish golden dbz quest.
- You cannot trade yourself from the same IP.
- Disabled dropping items worldwide.

- You cant enter starter boss without less than 20 hours playtime.

- Added gods minigun to blue cheart.
- Fixed progression errors.
- Fixed monk head model.

- Nerfed all void sets wearing bonuses.
- Lowered 1b tickets ammounts on achievements.
- Higher well of godwill cash needed amount to 50m. (20% ddr increase now was 10%)

- Created Gfx Designer rank.

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