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Goldenscape - Custom RSPS

pandora's box mini game -made by me ;)

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This was an idea i made on a server i was making but never published..so if you arent going to use then delete please xD

pandora's box is a quest/minigame that i made due to i never saw it before.
its a instance based game where you are tp's to set bosses that get harder and harder
but at the end of the boss fight you are given 1 of 3 boxes, each box tp's you to a different boss. this is repeated over a few bosses
untill you get to the pandora's boxes once again, on the last boss you are given 1 of 3 boxes (pandora's boxes)
i.e blue, green, red - each colour represents a gear set. open the box to get 1 of the gear set items.

this mini game adds, grinding, luck and excitment due to not knowing what you will be fighting or getting.
you could play this mini game all day and not get the same fights if you had to fight 5 bosses thats like a factor of 500 different combinations.
i think this would add alot to a server with little coding.
you have the instance coding already, so would be quick work 🙂

also i was thinking you could use boss fragments as a way to pay in - 1000 boss fragments to play. will give more use to fragments plus new players could sell them
giving them a way to make a little money on the way, inturn helping both new and old players.

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