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Goldenscape - Custom RSPS
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Wayo0o's Starter Guide

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So, after playing 39 and with a bank worth of around 500Q+ on my 3rd day of play, (including afk time)
i wanted to share the way i started. Maybe this will help new players more than the other guide help'd me.

Start as normal, run the training ground, collect bones, use them on the alter - get your prayer level up (level 95 -99)
join ClanChat "Help" so you can speak with the server.

at this point you want to do the achievements you can quickly do and save a little money up - don't use the scratch cards/lucky cards you'll want to spam them for a better chance "believe me!"

get around 3000k1bil tickets (sounds alot but isnt)
remember 1000k (1000000) tickets = 1Q 
If you now ask in chat if someone will sell you some good starter items for around 3q im sure many many players will sell you items they dont need for cheap (but this may change with the junk store, we will have to see)
but if not get a thor hammer (500k-1Q) "if that"
someone will sell you a full set of goku for 1-2Q "if that"

at this point you can keep doing achivements or go to :: soloraid, just by killing the first boss over and over you get 1 point per kill, 30 points =1q cash, with just 210 youll have 7Q
 i would say grind and get a icy glave for 6-9Q 
( i dont want to use luck in this guide but you have a chance of getting soloraid keys what give really good items everytime you finish the soloraid but this takes good'ish gear or grinding it with the right weapons I.e 1st boss melee, 2nd Range, 3rd Range, 4th mage 5th Melee 
while using soulsplit.

When you can finally run it to the end its plan sailing from there. i wuld say grinde to get a toxic item i,e chest, bottoms, and gloves. "dont worry about the helm" you can sell it for 100Q this may take you half a day, but there is no where in the server you could make this money so fast in such little time at you gear set. when you get the 100Q get the lit af maul if you havent gotten it from soloraid keys/chest. then grinde another 100Q and buy the upgraded lit af maul with trade in from the lit af maul you already have. now youll be running soloraid in around 40-80 secs.

Items to pick up on the way
Collector aura - soloraid key/chest or 9-12Q
elite void melee set - soloraid key/chest or 5-8Q ea
heli pet - 1-5Q from players
Ring of wealth (3) - donator boxes
Lucky Ring of wealth - donator boxes
donator rank(s) - donator boxes

Stack all lucky related items. i.e boxes, keys and scrach cards you have a better chance it seems when you spam imo.
Use all bones on the alter.
Dont spend GS points on worthless items in the GS shop save and just get toxic from there too thats what i do.
At low gear set dont waste your time with hoping for a lucky drop after a killing a npc more than likely youll just be wasting your time when we have soloraid.
Becareful, you can only upgrade the elite void melee helm not the range!
make sure you type the right amount into player own shops when selling your items.
i.e 1000000 =1Q
10000000 =10Q

So many people lose money by not putting the right item price!

SoloRaid Bosses Weakness
1st boss melee,
2nd Range
3rd Range
 4Th mage

5Th melee

Hope this helps.   \o, 


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