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Goldenscape - Custom RSPS

pkagsltu helper/support

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In-game name: Pkagsltu.


Age: 20.


What time zone you live in: (GMT +2).


How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): About 5-6 hours.


How you contributed to the game: Im actually helping peoples, new players. Im just helpful.


How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): 88 hours played. I played the old goldenscape when it created.


What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): Like i said before, i can be very helpful, then i can try to advertise server.


How are you dealing with problemsIf you are in trouble i look for ways to solve them.


How are you with dealing with people: It depends on what situation we are. Sometimes just enough to talk with people.


So maybe i told everything about me. Thanks for understanding me:) 

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