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Update Version 2.0

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 Update version 2.0

- Fixed teleport interface.
- Fixed teleport interface npcs sizes.


- Added daily bosses. (Top 1 killer of the daily boss will get the reward)

dailybosses location.png

7 bosses.
Venom - (Reward 35Q)
Rastaman - (Reward 5x Soes box.)
Helicopter -  (Reward 6x Soes box.)
Thanos - (Reward 7x Soes box.)
Ironman - (Reward 3 blue chearts.)

Pikachu/luigy - (Reward 150 SOES.)
Toxic Shadow - (Reward 5x Soes box.)
Soloraid boss - (Reward 1 special donate box.)

(Most kills will win the prize)


- Added Owner capers zone. (9 kind of npcs on that zone)

ownercape zone.png
- Added Helicopter zone.

helicopter zone.png

helicopter npc teleport interface.png
- Added pet Helicopter.

pet helicopter.png

- Added Venom zone.

venom zone.png

venom on tt interface.png

- Added right click show drops option and interface.

show drops.png

- Removed roulette minigame. Only staffs can play roulette now.
If you want to withdraw your money use ::roulette ingame.

- Fixed some items inventory models.
- Fixed some helm models.
- Changed ::donationdeals items.

- Updated slayer store

slayer points store.png

Changed endgame gear upgrader currency to SOES was Q tickets.

upgrade interface.png
- Updated vote rewards.(Added enchant scrolls (::reward 4) and soes box (::reward 5)

- Added toxic, golden, cyan void melee/mage helms.
void helmets.png

- Added newest bosses to slayer tasks.
- Boosted owner staff.
- Lowered donate store prices
- Added bladed shield

bladed shield.png
- Added venom staff new magic weapon. (Obtainable by upgrading mystic staff)

venom staff.png
- Added venom wings

venom wings.png

Added skittlez sword

skittlez sword.png

- Added special donate box (you can get the best ingame items from this box)

special dodnate box.png


afk tree.png

- Added Toxic void set box.

toxic void set.png

- Added Golden void set box.

golden void set.png

- Added Cyan void set box.

cyan void set.png

- Fixed money pouch.

- Added Elite scroll of enchant box gives 1-250 scrolls everytime!

- Added Helicopter souls.

Collect 1500 souls to forge it into a drop!

You can get: Pet helicopter, elite soes box, skittlez sword, blue cheart, gold collector aura.

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