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Official rules of Goldenscape

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Official rules of Goldenscape


These are the official rules of Goldenscape MUST be followed by every player.

1. Spamming is illegal if the timer is under 6 seconds.

2. Hacking/Glitching/Bug abusing is illegal.

3. Not reporting Glitches/Bugs and abusing it is illegal.

4. No staff hunting.

5. No flaming.

6. Luring is not allowed, and can end up into a permanent mute/ban.

7. You can only ask for help every 3 minutes, or else it will end up in a permanent mute.

8. Wilderness is wilderness, if you go in it, it's your own risk and no refund will be made.

9. No scamming, if the victim has visual proof of scamming, the scammer will be punished.

10. No spam voting.

11. Abusing starter reward is illegal.

12. Buying/Selling accounts is illegal.

13. Sharing accounts to benefit a rank or items is illegal.

14. Trading items or money between any other servers is illegal, in a result you will end up with a UID ban.

15. RWT (Real World Trading) is illegal and will end up with a UID ban.

16. Abusing skill points by creating account is illegal and will end up in an IP ban.

17. Multilogging is legal, but you cannot PVM with both accounts.

18. Lending items is your own responsibility, if you get scammed, it's your own fault.

19. Trolling is at your own risk and could end up in a mute.

20. Players are not allowed to use botting (autoclicking) while pvm and will end up in Jail.

21. You have to ask the owner and/or staff member before doing any giveaways.

22. Having a toxic/offensive name in-game/forums is not tolerated and will end up with a ban.

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