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  1. hanti

    Mustikas supporter application

    im sorry 😉
  2. hanti

    Mustikas supporter application

    probably i will honor for u this , ja teen seda alati, , xxooxx learn to play helper srsly 😉
  3. hanti

    application for helper "laura"

    I know I need to get 100 hours of gameplay its like 4 days online but I'm gonna make it
  4. Name(optional): laura In-game name: laura Age: 19 What time zone you live in: (Estonia (GMT+2) How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): as much as i can , i try to be online like 10-12h per day. How you contributed to the game: i wanna try to help people , i want to see that people are happy with this game and community How long you have been playing: i am old player, i played this game since 2015 , and it is great server, these updates what is coming on goldenscape is so awesome that i wanna play more and more ? What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): trying to make people happy ? How are you dealing with problems: if people needs help , i ask them what is the problem? and what help you need? i want to be respectful for people who are new, and these people who are old players, and i won't get mad if people rage on me, i'll try to calm down and gonna tell them Stop warning which is good. How are you with dealing with people: i want to get trust and Be trusted, and i wanna get feedback how i am dealing with people ,i want to show Appreciation, trying to make people happier its my pleasure to be helper but it doesn't matter if i don't get because im helping anyways people ?