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  1. Name(optional): Trey In-game name: Ice Age: 20 What time zone you live in: Eastern time How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): Around 2+ hours minimum per day, some days can be double that. 🙂 How you contributed to the game: I'm usually online adding +1 more active player, helper, and possibly a friend to someone. I tend too attempt at finding the best methods for things if its from pvming speeds to earning gp, help someone with something whenever i can if i have the answer (nature), finding bugs and reporting them even if its a slight inconvenience bug, suggesting/thinking of ideas too improve the server/content, etc. How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): 121Hrs (rising constantly cause ima no life) What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): It's not too much i can mention about myself that differs me from the other staff members. I'm sure we would all have the same dedication for the server, the same kindness, helpfulness, and good viewpoint on most server related topics, of course making proper decisions. I tend too have good suggestions aslong as the dev can do something with my thoughts too take it further (probably will see some in discord). How are you dealing with problems: Currently, there is no problems other than what i cant fix from my position atleast. Aside from small bugs that are known and probably have been suggested too get fixed, i still enjoy the server with no problems of major glitching, bug abusing people, people arguing, etc. Actually one of the most chill communities ive seen so +1 for that. If need be though i see something wrong of course ill try too fix it if its possible in whatever position id be in given the situation. How are you with dealing with people: As of now i'm pvming with other players, making friends, giving advice i can to players who ask, helping new players that join with methods to make gp, etc etc. Only looking for positive vibes. Everytime i login i see no one being rude or causing problems even when there is no staff on so its not really a bad side of dealing with people. If anything was too go bad though i wouldn't hesitate too put on the big boi pants and enforce rules. That's it for my application, Appreciate the read. Sincerely, ya boi Trey (Ice).
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    Update version 2.9

    Nice update fam. Gotta grind the raids asap