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    Quick ::raids Guide

    New to Raids? Tired of getting 1 hit? Just want some advice? No problem! What do I need to do for ::raids to be successful on most* of my runs? 99 ea stat 50k kc God Potion Decent-Good Gear (Cyan void or better) Cyan aura or Beerus Collector Max Cape Good Shield (If not two handed) Deadpool Offhand, Skittlez offhand or +1 or +2, War God Shield, War God Primal Shield Good weapon Melee: Skittlez or +1 or +2, Zeus weapon melee form, War god Axe, or War God Primal Axe. Shannon 1-5 Range: RFB or Upgraded RFB (Upgrade is 100% chance and if you go range, I fully recommend upgrading it) Mage: Venom staff, Zeus weapon mage form, Owner Staff (Please NOTE: A strong melee setup in my experience is perhaps the strongest and quickest way to do raids, but you need to have a backup mage or range weapon with you in case you get frozen, otherwise you will likely go down, even fully geared, if you get aggroed while frozen) Must Pray: Deflect Mage & Turmoil (This is a must!) Host: Make sure you have a host following these guidelines, otherwise if they go down, the whole party loses the raid! First thing, get 99 all stats and get yourself a Max Cape from veteran npc at home (For skilling/leveling help, refer to Yahtzee's Xp lamp guide & also his skilling guide, both on the forums) Do soloraids until you get a z500 weapon (aoe) from the soloraid chest Go to ::custom Farm raichus or luigis until 50k kc (Not to bad honestly, plus you will have a lot of diamonds and scrolls of enchant to sell for $$$) 100-200k ea per soe or diamond, so selling 5-10 of them will give you 1q for example Use the 50k custom coins you will have at custom shop to buy a gods minigun (aoe) much better then z500 Use diamonds and soes to sell/trade to other players to purchase gear, and a better raid weapon if you have enough Then do ::moneyzone or ::mmk (These can be done with gods minigun if necessary, but these zones are not aoe, but it will work as a decent single target weapon) To get loot and money to sell/keep to make a good raid set Also do ::moneyzone runs and get about 10-20 chemical x potions, (They drop from any moneyzone npc), you will need chemical x's and scroll of enchants to make god potions at endgame gear upgrader at home This is a must for a host, because if the host goes down, so does the whole party, and honestly anyone that wants to be efficient at raids: Drink god potion (1500 combat stats & regen better then ss for 240 minutes aka 4 hours) Pray Deflect Magic and Turmoil (Do not use soul split, it brings your health down from 1500 to 99, and the god potion healing will work perfectly for you, just do it, you will see, also deflect magic will give you the optimal protection you need, which you can't use along side soul split) Make sure you gear is in check (Look above for a reference) All players wanting to join the raid party do ::raids Then have the host do ::createparty They right click each player, and invite them The player will get a notification in chat The player left clicks the notification When all players are in the party The host does ::startraid Also, when the raid is complete, have everyone stay in the raids reward room, and when everyone is ready, the host can simply ::startraid again, without having to create another party If someone leaves the rewards room, they will leave the party If the host leaves the rewards room, the party is disbanded, and the host has to create a new party (Thanks ice for the quick ::startraid addition) Tips: Protect your host, if they go down, the whole party does Try not to get swarmed by too many aggroing enemies at once, even with the guide above and great gear, you can still go down! After all the rounds are completed, all players will get a raid key and be teleported to the reward chest room, open the chest, get your loot, and then do ::raids again to go back, form another party, and repeat! List of rewards (At least that I have seen drop) 1q Tickets Diamonds Scrolls of Enchant Mythical shards (both kinds) Dragon Eggs (both kinds) Void Pieces (I have seen toxic, golden and cyan likely drop too) Void Set Boxes (I have seen toxic, probably the same as above) Frieza Pieces Beerus Pieces Buu Pieces God potion War God Pieces Golden Buu Pieces Ragefire Bow Owners Staff (Probably others I have missed, feel free to discord me or post in here and I will update accordingly!) Also special loot tip: Individual bosses during raids: Most have drops, usually drops from buu's loot pool or donald trumps loot pool Mmk bosses: Also give mmk points Corporeal Beast: Gives a few small drops of diamonds and cash everytime, also have a 1/1k chance to drop the exclusive Diamond Torva Set Piece, which is basically a cosmetic, however, this is the only way to get the set, and this is the only place to face him (Mini corps don't drop Diamond Torva, and there is only 1 corp per raid, so if your a collector/into fashionscape, don't forget about Corp during the raids! (Diamond torva is a dated set with noobish stats, corp used to be a farmable boss, was taken out awhile back, but is now an enemy in ::raids, still a cool cosmetic set!)
  2. rickles

    Koala Dot New Staff App

    Very friendly and helpful player! He will be away for a few days because he is sick. But will be active again when he returns. +1 from me brother.
  3. rickles

    Whosgaze server support application

    Definitely a dedicated and helpful player, gets a +1 from me Good luck man!
  4. rickles

    Meatikus' Staff Application

    Great application dude, we are always working on concepts and suggestions together, and you a very much a friendly veteran, regular player. I have no doubt you could help anyone that needs help and it would be great to see you on the team.
  5. rickles

    New Price Guide

    Bump for rework/so people can see it
  6. rickles

    Complete Skilling/Maxing Guide

    Incredible, thanks for posting this
  7. rickles

    Box loot guide (Also raid chest

    Soloraids reward box Elite void set box Toxic void set box  Golden void set box Cyan void set box Each box drops a full set (All 3 Helms, Top, Bottom, and Gloves) Helicopter souls Collect 1500 souls to forge them (Left Click) into a drop! You can get: Pet helicopter, elite soes box, skittlez sword, blue cheart, gold collector aura Cryptic box StoreMbox Loots: Goodiebox prizes Now with every 50$ donation you will receive a goodie box. Golden caskets ( clue rewards) Loots: Red Crystal Heart Diamonds box (gives random amount of diamonds) Soes & Elite Soes Boxes give a random amount of scrolls of enchantment Need a droplist for: Special Donor Boxes Gs Boxes Blue Crystal Hearts & Any other boxes I've missed and then they will be added Also ignore the raid chest in the title, I am going to do an updated raid & minigames guide soon
  8. rickles

    Quests Guide

    First things first: Check out starter guides Then do ::startertasks Then throughout your time playing do ::npctasks &&& ::progressions Now onto quests DBZ 7 dragon balls quest. Collect all 7 dragon balls. Bring to broly,and claim your dbz reward scroll! (Also please note, Broly is still at home, but the location was moved) - Added dragon balls drops to Vegeta and Goku. Goku also drops goku souls, and vegeta drops vegeta souls (Opening 700 goku or 700 vegeta souls can give goku or vegeta pieces, or it can give a dragonball! 7 Golden Dragon Balls Quest. (you can finish it one time, after that you must use a set of golden dragonballs on the combiner machine at home to receive a golden reset scroll, after that you may collect another set of golden dragonballs, and turn them in for a reward, rinse, wash, and repeat) Also please note, just like regular broly quest npc, cyan broly (not boss broly, but the 7 golden dragonballs npc cyan broly) is also still at home, but has moved locations  Broly ::broly also (new bosses tele tab) & Cell ::cell also (new bosses tele tab) Both drop all 7 golden dragonballs Virus Quest: Quest Npc is at the ::hospital zone. 2 Quests. First quest reward: 1 special donate box. (Bring 5 vaccines and 1000 virus tokkents to the hospital) After this quest you will be available to do second quest. Second quest reward: 2 set mboxes, 250q tickets. (Bring hazmad protection set to the hospital and take your reward) To farm tokens/vaccines, go to ::virus Virus zone:  Drops: Every kill virus tokkens, vaccine, diamonds, cash. Be careful you can get infected 1:1000 chance (immunity protecting you from other players only!) To get the hazmat set, use the tokens you got from ::vrius at the virus store at home Virus store (you can spend here your virus tokkens)  Virus tokken = a virus currency. (1x every kill) You can use 50 tokkens on other player and infect him!    Vaccine = quest item, you can activate your virus immunity with this item. With immunity other players cant infect you. Hazmat protection gear  Hazmat protection mask gives immunity from infections by other players! COVID-19 Pet Pet COVID-19: 3.0* Pet perk bonuses. 6% droprate. Majin Stone Quest: First get a majin ring (There is a guide for that) Then farm buu (::buu or new boss tele tab) For Majin Stones Then talk to the Slim Buu Quest Npc at home to fight Fat Buu (Bring good gear and pray SS, he is quite strong) You get to fight him one time, and there is a 20% chance he will drop a majin key Hitpoints: 200M Defence: Melee 80000. Range: 80000. Mage: 80000. Drops: Gs coins (250-1000), Majin key 20% chance. If you got lucky and got a majin key, open the majin chest for a chance a great rewards, including the Ragefire Bow! (You can repeat this quest as many times as you would like, as long as you have at least 1 majin stone, if not, you can always farm for more!) Donald Trump Quests! (3 Total, only can do them 1 time each) Go to custom zone ::custom Donald Trump First Quest First quest: (reward special donator box, 50Q, + unlock another mission) Required items: So bill gates is a custom zone, farm him until you get the head 1/1k, also, make sure you farm ::virus until you get a vaccine, use that vaccine on a bill gates npc to get the certificate (Right click vaccine, left click on use, then left click any of the bill gates npcs) When you have both items, talk to Donald Trump to complete your first quest, and collect your rewards. You're now ready for quest 2. Second quest: (reward store m box, 75Q, + unlock another mission) Required items: Farm Steve Jobs npc at ::custom until you get golden iphone 1/1k, also, make sure you farm him 2.5k times total, you also need 2.5k apple tokens. When you have the tokens and the golden Iphone, talk to Donald Trump to turn in your second quest, and collect your rewards. You're now ready for the final quest. Final top secret quest: (Pet donald trump, 250) Required items: To complete the final quest, you need 5k custom coins (Farmed from npcs at ::custom) and all 6 new strains of weed so 1 each of, sour diesel, blueberry, skittlez, northern lights, strawberry, and orange As a non diamond donor (or diamond) you can get these by farming ::rastaman for rasta points, and going to the weed shop at ::shops you buy one at a time when you have enough points, you can also get lucky and get one of the new strains as a drop from the ::voteboss As a diamond donor, go to diamondzone, and if you have an aoe weapon, you can aoe farm celljrs 8 at a time, they drop rasta points, as well as some other great drops You can also farm weed groudons 1 by 1 at diamondzone, they drop 1 rasta point at a time, but they also have a chance at dropping 1 of the new strains of weed When you have 5k custom coins, and all 6 new strains of weed, talk to Donald Trump to turn in the final quest and claim your reward
  9. rickles

    Infinity Gauntlet Guide

    Btw for you ballers out there, high end gear + owners cape + high end pet + gauntlet is the best diamondzone farming setup for me personally
  10. Starter Boss (boss for starters,only 20 hours you can acces this zone) Drops cool stuff for starters, soes, gs boxes, gs coins,cash.  Blackstone Warmonger There is an npc at home which someone can pay 3q to, and will spawn blackstone warmonger raid boss (global teles tab) Can drop op beginner-mid tier loot, this is a great way for experienced players to help new players get good loot (Donate 3Q bill tickets and the boss will spawn on ::blackstone zone) Drops: (3 players will receive drop) Draconic 3 Stage Global Boss ::draconic or tele tab global bosses I call this the after starter boss, global boss, drops different things, including some great mid tier gear Frieza Global Boos (3 stages) (::frieza or global teles tab) first stage: second stage: final stage: Drops: (5 players gets drops) Megaboss (15k kc required) (::mega or globals tele)  Vote Boss: (::voteboss or globals tele) (When 100 total votes are claimed, the vote boss will spawn, make sure you claim your votes 1 by 1 for all votes to count)
  11. rickles

    Infinity Gauntlet Guide

    How to get it? Collect 6 stones and empty gauntlet and upgrade it. Thanos drops empty gauntlet 1:1000 chance. (::thanos or teles tab) Time Stone - Soloraids store (::soloraid) Space Stone - Teamraids boss drop (::joinraid) Soul Stone - Marvelraids drop (Teles tab Minigames) Reality Stone - Slayer store. 2500 slayer points (::slayer) Power Stone - Gs store. 55,000 GS Coins (::shops outside the right door across from the chests) Mind Stone - Deadislands treasure chest. (Teles tab New Bosses) Epic AOE Farming Weapon
  12. rickles

    Boss collection

    I think that is a great idea, would be a lot of fun, and a great way for players to earn some cash via hearts or may even boxes in some cases, like you said
  13. Btw credit to myself, other staff, meatikus ect, this was a collaboration of ideas and concepts
  14. Minigames, soloraids, teamraids ect. Minigames/raids are basically only good for beginners + a few special drops Add Medium Hard & Elite Tiers if minigames and raid, as well as loot pools, and add to the shops, and add a raid points shop Make golden clue scrolls stack Rare chance at cyan clue scrolls for cyan caskets, with fire drops Add some good loot to blue hearts, not just junk and a small chance at owners gear Revamp red hearts add a few fire drops, with a small change at co owners staff and cape Add gold hearts with gold trimmed versions of sets, gilded weapons, small chance at upgraded pieces like golden buu, ghost beerus, golden frieza, golden frieza pet Add cash box boss with cash boxes, small, medium, and large, as well as small chance as cash hearts, which contain a good-legendary cash drop, and a small chance at a few special customs 10k kc req Add Legendary Mbox boss with drops all the different boxes in game, blue hearts x3 and special box at 1/1k, and store box at 1/5k 25k kc req Add golden buu pet upgrade, beerus pet, ghost beerus pet upgrade Shovel Knight Boss + shovel knight relic drops Monkey business minigame 2-4 players minigame where one person grabs bananas off of trees and loads them into boxes, 1 person takes the boxes to the boat, 1-2 people fight off demonic gorillas to prevent them from taking out the other players, when a player is taken out, they are out for the game, the game ends when all players are taken out, plus you cant fight back when you are carrying a box of bananas Every box of bananas taken to the ship gives each players a random amount of cash, and a chance at a good-epic drop, plus monkey business shop points, 1 for each box We need to not only focus on pvm and endgame gear, but add a lot more non combat things into the game, and also focus on getting rare items, special things to do with gear, add in repeatable quests with random rewards ect Imagine taking a log, dipping it in a golden fountain, doing mystical quests and choosing it as the item you would like to get blessed everytime, taking it through special raids over and over that give it special attributes overtime, and then using an incredibly rare stone, and you officially have the most unique, and extremely rare log in the game lol? And then on top of that you can craft it into a totally custom master bow, that my friend, is the level we should take goldenscape to. And yes! Also imagine you could temper goku set like 5 or more times, making default goku into a high damage multipler and stats endgame set, or imagine 50k soes on goku along with a buu piece has a 10 percent chance to make a majin goku aka a pink goku set piece! VIP Trump Tasks: Like slayer quests in a way but styled more for long play like trump quest 1-3, usually with multiple steps, longplay farming like at least 2.5-5k npc kc, sometimes a few different sets of npcs, we can continue to make new tasks, and they all give great rewards like trump quests, easy tasks give rewards like trump quest 1, medium tasks give rewards like trump quest 2, and hard tasks give trump rewards like trump quest 3, and you can always come back for another trump task like slayer!! Reqs: All trump quests completed Slayer lvl 99 VIP Badge in inventory Made from Best Slayer Helm + Ghost Beerus Set + 50k Soes + 10k ea diamond 250 slayer tasks complete 50+ hours in game 25k kc 1000 slayer tasks completed Also Vice President Tasks (Also Repeatable) (Perhaps give out 2-3x presidential boxes based on rng when completed) Each box gives out a decent-great amount of cash, diamonds, and soes, and 1-3x high tier - Owner+ items (Very rare and the high end) A high tier item could be a great piece of gear, 2-3x spec boxes, 1-2 store boxes, 7-10 blue hearts, 3-5x golden trump hearts ect) Golden trump hearts could have heart only SOLID gold versions of gear like owners, rfb, minigun ect, and solid gold pets and well ask other great drops) Like the elite version of trump tasks but much longer, like 3-5 hard trump tasks at once, with great rewards, repeatable Need Vice President Badge VIP Badge + Golden Buu Set + 100k Soes + 25k Each Diamond 50k kc 500 slayer tasks complete (Trump tasks easy medium and hard count towards 3-6-9 slayer tasks respectively) 50+ Trump Tasks Completed 100+ Hours in game Also npcs being farm during trump tasks drop "Trump Cash" or something like that, custom currency for the vip store A custom store made for Trump Tasks kind of like Slayer store Mewtwo drops mewtwo gear, which is upgradable 1/800, mewtwo pet 1/1k, and the Old Sea Map 1/5k, and shiny mewtwo pet 1/10k The Map allows you to teleport to Faraway island where you have to chase mew around the tall grass (like in pokemon emerald) until one of your melee attacks hits (melee boss only) then you can battle mew for a chance at mew themed gear, mew hearts with custom drops like op mew weapons 1/1k, mew pet at 1/5k, shiny mew pet at 1/10k. Once defeated mew respawns and the chase begins again. Also mew is instanced so you don't have to worry about someone battling mew Also shiny mewtwo pet and shiny mew pet can be upgraded into ancient mewtwo and ancient mew pets with 10 mew hearts each Add gnomeball arena, playable vs npcs or other players, that give gnome crates and keys at the end of matches, different series, as well as points for the gnome ball store, these crates could have custom gnome ball outfits and custom gnome balls, and the shop could have special weaponized custom gnome balls Staff bosses Jordan69 Staff boss Has 1/100 chance to ::kill Has 1/50 chance to give virus if not in hazmat gear 1/100 chance to tele you to any zone Need admin ring to tele (extremely rare drop from reg caskets 1/10k) 100 hours playtime Must use beerus ring + unenchanted admin ring + 1000k ea diamond for Admin Ring Drops piece 1-5 of transformation ring while wearing the full ring can use ::transform idexample to transform into anything Drops admin crown admin staff admin cape admin gear Can drop hearts, boxes, ect Jordan hearts, which have the same drop table as blue hearts, but can be sold to the 1b shop for 100q Rngesus/Buu Can only be battled in dragonball gear must be wearing majin ring or better 2500 beerus kc and 1000 buu kc req Drops Super buu gear (which can be upgraded into golden super buu, then cyan super buu) Super buu pet Super buu instance Mod Crown Mod cape mod gear drops 1-3 majin stones drops majin keys drop majin heart which is = to opening the majin chest, but includes the same chance as blue heart for owner staff and cape, can also drop double rfb (one in each hand = owners bow basically_ Rickles Must turn in 5 sets of reg dragonballs to super buu to be able to ask him to teleport to rickles boss anytime Drops Blue blackstar dragonballs which can be sold to the shop individually at 25q or turn in a full set to super buu for 250q cash ? collector aura Helper crown Helper cape helper gear drops weed kid buu gear (as strong as buu gear, but if your smoking, still shows weed buu gear instead of rasta, and while high the gear is = to golden buu) weed kid buu pet majin pink which is very strong weed effects for 15 minutes majin blue which is the same but for 30 minutes majin gold which is the same but for 60 minutes Love of Jah Global raid boss Drops Cash Mod gear A chance a gilded mod gear very small chance at golden mod gear extremely small chance a cyan mod gear Extra special boxes that can give colored frieza pieces and pets Well of goodwill tickets (Free well activations) cash boxes cash hearts golden majin ring (functioning majin ring, non upgradable very rare collectors item) golden beerus ring (functioning beerus ring, non upgradable very rare collectors item) golden upg rfb (functioning upg rfb, non upgradable very rare collectors item) golden venom staff upgraded (functioning venom staff upg, non upgradable very rare collectors item) golden skittlez and offhand upg (functioning skittlez and offhand, non upgradable very rare collectors item) Other staff: A lot more to do for our other fellow staff, just had a few concepts I wanted to get down New buu drops: Buu minigun Buu skittlez buu staff Buu claws 1/5k op spec weapon, can be upgraded to golden Buu cape/wings 1/10k op cape, can be upgraded to golden New majin chest drop: Evil buu stone Evil buu stone + majin ring makes Pure evil majin ring Takes you to Pure Evil Buu Drops Double buu miniguns Evil majin minigun Double buu staffs Pure Evil Buu Set Shannon Sword and wings -1 through -4 (Upgrades to -5) Pure black dragonballs (For summoning evil shenron (1 hour of instanced evil shenron boss zone) Owners staff light and owner staff dark upgrade attachments Owners cape light and owner cape dark cosmetic attachments Duo Slayer Duo Dungeoneering Group Ironman Gambling Moved up to Super Sponsor Platinum sim card steve jobs drop 1/5k Which combines with golden iphone, which allows you to teleport to ::yellowbrickroad Is a special customs zone/road, where you can farm golden versions of bosses and npcs, for golden sets, pets, and special drops, as well a cyan stones to upgrade golden verions More cosmetic donation only items Non global multibosses: Basically bosses which require 2-4+ people, and have kc reqs Here is a concept for one The Black Hawk: Helicopter Multiboss Multiboss Dropping soes boxes elite soes boxes mega soes boxes ultra soes boxes dark soes boxes (special upgrades) Black Hawk Pet Apache Pet Golden and Cyan Helicopter Pets Helicopter Vehicles Omega Skittlez and Offhand Ill add more later 10k helicopter kc req for tp command The Donation Hall of Fame! Anyone who has donated has a statue at ::donationhall And you can choose whether or not to display how much you donated when someone right clicks (I would likely hide mine) And you can choose from any gear you own to be on your statue, for people with custom sets, that is the likely choice, and the owner of the statue can reset the gear at any time, so long as they still own it), also displays your rank, playtime, ect.! Perhaps they could do quests that introduce donors as npcs, and perhaps if someone has donated like $500+, their statue can be right clicked and an npc version of themselves wearing the selected gear, will be a possible boss fight, and perhaps said player can choose what type of drops are available, within a set pool of choices, along with the option to allow cosmetic versions of their sets as possible drops, with (Rickles's) or (Meatikus's) next to the set pieces names of course. Possibly some other special drop choices, can be thought on more in the future Also to fight a donors boss, you would have to have donated or redeemed at least $50 or $50 worth of scrolls, and that would be dope! A lot of customers servers have trophy slots, these would be a perfect addition to donor boss drops! Perhaps you can select from a range of styles, and request custom colors, when the devs have time And people shouldn't complain about that, donor scrolls can be obtained in game Also maybe at $100+ it allows the possibility of double drops, at $200+ you can aoe farm donor bosses, at $350+ you can use owners cape at donor bosses, along with aoe, double drop chance, ect! daily skill which works like daily boss new daily skill (mining) (rune ore) the person who mines the most in the 12 hours gets reward Skilling caskets, regular, golden, cyan With great rewards, given randomly via rng when skilling Rare chance at a "blessed tool" the tool that does it all in one like 5% chance to get one Better skilling, evil tree, and star shops Youtuber aura Top voter of the month aura Level 99 skill capes that buff skills/rng during skilling Regular Void Set upgrades 1-5 to help newer players Starter collectors aura in ::startertask rewards All in one elite, toxic, golden, and cyan helms made in combiner (tribrid void helms) Elite, toxic, golden, and cyan void boots (0.5% damage increase when worn with set) Trophy slot Aoe ring/shield/trophy Arror Slot Gear Like damage multiplier arrow, defense, droprate, slayer, aoe, all in one, ect ::endtasks ::eventtasks ::dailytasks Random Encounter Skilling pets with boost Clans/guilds with loot share option Be in up to 5 clans Clan quests, zones, multibosses, clan pvps with rewards clan raids Have Rastaman drop weed aura Have Rastaman drop weed Rastaman full set + weed aura gives bonus rasta points 1-2 points per, green upgrade 2-3, purple upgrade 2-4, blue upgrade 2-5, and weed can drop globally if wearing the blue set Global set of bosses that spawn with donation requirements for entry, like if you have ever donated at least $50, you can join that raid, one for $100. one for $250, one for $500, ect. Just have them spawn throughout the day or weekly basis Privatezones Total amount donated allows access to these zones: $50: You can get egg drops from any npc, an use them in 1 of the 5 spots in your private zone, and you can farm them whenever you want, simply right click to pickup the egg and put a different npc in it's place $100: 10 egg spots, aoe gokus and vegetas + 1 special boss $250: 20 egg spots. aoe goku, vegeta, and celljr + 2 different special bosses, plus 5 weed groudons $500 30 egg spots, all aoes above, aoe broly and cells, 3 different special bosses, and aoe weed groudons $750 40 egg spots. all aoe above, aoe beerus and buus, cash box and leg box bosses, 4 different special bosses $1000 50 egg spots, all aoe above, 3 ea of aoe cash and leg mbox bosses, farmable golden buu, ghost beerus, and frieza bosses, 5 special bosses, and a spot for a once and hour soloable random global boss, including a small chance at vote boss Ugandan Knuckles Boss: A boss that drops troll and meme items and sets, spawns randomly around the game, some drops are more common, some very rare. Once a day randomly ::yellowphat is announced and opens up the tele to ugandan knuckles zone for 1 hour, has all the regular drops, as well as some special drops like special phats, santas, gear, ect, very rare ::picklerick boss that drops crazy loot, gear, pets, and cosmetics, huge list of weekly changing drops, and drops are not listed, the ultimate mbox of bosses Owner box $100+ donation items only in box, as well as max skills scrolls, special owner item drops, large amount of soes and diamonds, secret rares ect. (Drops from $1000 global boss and very small chance from $1000 private zone one of the special bosses) death note npc, notebook, darts death note boss in wildy spawns once an hour can drop the death note book-offhand 14 dr 15k str x2 damage Spawns randomly within a couple hundred feet of the tp vicinity, got players and clans running around the chaos, oh the chaos god of death pet from death note idk how to spell it but u know what i mean an apple for death note main hand or pen Mac drop from steve jobs Windows 95 drop from bill gates Both are used when making your player home Can be used to get into the cyberverse from player home Can fight viruses, tron style bosses and enemies ect Stock market concept, stocks would go up and down based on player actions, world actions, staff actions, amounts of items farmed and sold, amount of npcs farmed, random rng, events, ect Fix POS scroll bar, and add more item slots to POS Superdonor Zone: Thieving stalls for cash and a very small chance at rare/ extremely small chance at epic-legendary pulls Sponsor Zone: Gold AFK Tree Sponsor Fishing hole 1 fishing shop point each time Can get 25k-1q fishing caskets (has a good amount of soes & diamonds, sometimes both) effigies fishing casket keys sponsor fishing gear (full set gives boost) Tofu which is a food that doesn't disappear when used Golden Tofu, the same better healing, less cooldown time Cyan Tofu, the same, best healing, even less cooldown time Bottomless potions (Reg, gold, cyan) best effect and cooldown times per tier, all pointions, magic, str, prayer elite void pieces small chance at toxic void pieces very small chance at golden gilded elite void pieces extremely small chance at cyan gilded elite void pieces gyrados boss tele ring golden fishing hole pass (located in super sponsor zone) 1/1k sponsor bond 1/5k super sponsor bond 1/10k diamond bond extremely rare chance at cosmetic chest can give: golden gilded rune armor cyan gilded rune armor pink gilded majin rune armor all pink majin rune? armor weed/green gilded rune armor all weed/green rune? armor cell trimmed rune armor all cell rune? armor beerus trimmed rune armor all beerus rune? armor With an extremely rare chance to give beerus phat, sled, santa, hween buu phat, sled, santa, hween cell phat, sled, santa, hween weed phat, sled, santa, hween Colored hweens with little crowns Fishing shop has sponsor fishing pole (fishing boost) sponsor pole melee, range, and mage attachments (A weaponized sponsor pole + sponsor fishing gear is the only way to be able to attack gyrados) diamond boxes soes boxes elite soes boxes black beerus pieces (same as ghost beerus, fishing shop exclusive) gold gilded black buu pieces (same as golden buu, fishing shop exclusive) Golden frieza pieces Golden cell pieces Super Sponsor Zone: Diamond Afk Tree Super Sponsor Loot Fishing A fishing minigame/area Fishing shop, same as above but also has: golden, cyan, rainbow, and galaxy fishing poles/attachments mega diamond boxes ultra soes box gilded black beerus pieces (Better then ghost/black beerus) cyan buu pieces (Better then gilded or golden buu pieces) cyan frieza pieces (better then golden frieza) cyan cell pieces 4 different fishing holes Golden Drops cash a little-a good amount Golden fishing gear pieces (full set has boost) golden clue scrolls bottomless overload and special potions (reg, gold, cyan) weed toxic void pieces small chance at golden void pieces very small chance at gold gilded toxic void pieces extremely small chance a cyan gilded toxic void pieces golden gyrados fishing boss tele ring cyan fishing hole pass chance at golden owners cape and owner staff attachments Cyan Drops cash a little-a good amount Cyan fishing gear pieces (full set has boost) golden clue scrolls x 2 golden casket cyan clue scrolls weed 1-2x golden void pieces small chance at cyan void pieces very small chance at black gilded golden void pieces extremely small chance at cyan gilded golden void pieces cyan gyrados fishing boss tele ring blue hearts rainbow fishing pass chance at cyan owners cape and owner staff attachments Rainbow Drops cash a little-a good amount Rainbow fishing gear pieces (full set has boost) golden clue scrolls 2-3 golden caskets 1-2 cyan clue scrolls 1-2 cyan casket weed 2-3 cyan void pieces small chance at rainbow void pieces very small chance at gold gilded cyan void pieces extremely small chance a black gilded cyan void pieces rainbow gyrados fishing boss tele ring blue hearts 1-2 special donor box galaxy fishing pass chance at rainbow owners staff and owners cape attachments Galaxy Drops cash a little-a good amount Galaxy fishing gear pieces (full set has boost) golden clue scrolls 3-4 golden caskets 2-3 cyan clue scrolls 2-3 cyan casket 1-2 weed 3-4 rainbow void pieces small chance at galaxy void pieces very small chance at gold gilded rainbow void pieces extremely small chance at cyan gilded rainbow void pieces minimal chance a gold gilded galaxy pieces very minimal chance at cyan gilded galaxy pieces extremely minimal chance a galaxy gilded rainbow pieces almost no chance at rainbow gilded galaxy pieces galaxy gyrados fishing boss ring blue hearts 2-3 special donor box 1-2 store box small chance at ultra store box very small chance at omega store box extremely small chance at owners box pokemon world boss raid instance ticket very small chance at endless pokemon boss raid ticket (24h cooldown each use) chance at galaxy owners staff and owners cape attachments When either ticket is used, activates the pokemon boss raid and announces it globally, whoever used the ticket gets a drop automatically, and an additional second drop if they are in the top 10 damage Fire loots Diamond Zone: Rainbow AFK Tree Diamond shop Special rocks to mine Can give money ores smiths into 10k-50k ea? diamonds diamonds pack super diamonds pack special mining gear ect miner pet, reg, gold, cyan reg dragonball exchange shop golden dragonball exchange shop Slayer monsters A group of npcs that can be farmed in place of any npc for a slayer task, gives 1.5x slayer points Ultra Pikas and Luigis Have all boxes and hearts as drops, some much rarer then others of course ultra pika and luigi pets buus beeruses Ragefire Dragons: Drop custom ragefire gear, and ultra ragefire stones to upgrade ragefire bow +2-5 Special Ragefire dragon pet that can be upgraded 10 times Special Fat buu which drops Fat buu set Fat buu pet Majin stones 2-3 1/1k Majin keys 2-3 1/5k Epic boxes: Drop 200k cash Small cash boxes 1/100 Medium cash boxes 1/250 Large cash boxes 1/500 Mega mboxes 1/800 Epic mboxes 1/1k Ultra mboxes 1/5k Perfect Mboxes 1/10k Mbox Pet 1/10k (Which adds these boxes as global drops when using mbox pet, except for aoe zones) Shannon and Heraklis Duo Multibosses (Requires 2-4 diamond donators) You fight them at the same time, with a range of attacks, requires tactics, they have special drops, all boxes/hearts, and a very small chance at co owner gear, and an extremely small chance at owner gear. Their respawn timer is rng based an will happen 15 minutes - 1 hour Owner Zone: Galaxy AFK Tree Owner Shop Doppleganger Diamonds Soes Boxes Blue Hearts Custom set souls: Souls that drop that transform you into one of the custom donated sets (Like mine) for 30 minutes (Also makes your gear max for 30 mins) Tradable Special tree give money money logs burn into 10-50k ea soes soes box elite soes back special woodcutting gear ect lumberjack pet, reg, gold, cyan Infinity dragon Drops Elite soes boxes blue hearts Diamond Dragon Set (Only diamond donors can use set + weapons) Owners Dragon Set (Only can be worn if you are a diamond donor and have an owner cape on) Thanos rings Majin Rings Beerus Ring inf stones inf stones box gauntlets complete gauntlets infinity dragon bones gives 100-500k each when buried or altar (1 drop at a time, uncommon drop) skilling lamps pet Rose super saiyan broly rose broly set pet golden hearts in the middle between red hearts and blue hearts blue hearts rose dragonballs that give 3-5 great drops when set is completed drops donor scrolls rarely ultra beerus leave this idea up to you Man Just the default runescape npc Can randomly give any item as a rare drop from 1 ticket worth item up Party Pete Only drops are very rare cosmetics and gear (can be afk farmed, does no damage just stand in zone) ----------------- Capturing pokemon and battles useable poke balls use on a pokemon to try and catch it aka rework hunter custom skills ash-set pikachu outfit charmander outfit squirtle outfift Sonic npc at custom zone sonic sonics boots for 2-3x faster run, high dr and stats 1/5k also golden rings drop globally when wearing boots, can be upgraded to golden sonic shoes 10% chance, and those upgraded to cyan sonic shoes 5% chance retro gaming zone with sonic mario luigy kirby retro point shop/chest arcade game pet. pac-man pet and npc (I have a pacman 317 style model that would go well with this concept) An option to break down something to get soes/diamonds from it at 80% and a shop that offers you soes/diamonds for items Find better uses for mythical shards, boss shards, monster shards Such as better upgrades, shops, ect. or just remove them Better regular casket drops, like a chance at a rare, and decent chance for good cash drops rares expansion actually epically rare and expensive phats, hweens, santas, sleds, uniques, recolors ect. (Could put like rare, epic, ultra rare, in front of a similarly colored phat or something, to prevent scamming and confusion) Could also do special shaders and textures on some ect rares shop (Has 5 random rares for sale a day, only 1 of each can be purchased) rares zone rares boss pink groudon pink hearts rare tokens 1/1k 1/5k 1/10k global drops pink dragonballs pink dragonballs let you get shenron ring piece 1-28 randomly when turned in all 28 pieces makes shenrons ring which takes you to shenron zone shenron boss is multiboss only 5-10 players drops shenron set shenron cape shenron themed weapons shenron boxes shenron op ring very rare cosmetics Weed groudon zone need ring (Bought from weed shop 10k rasta points) also gives double rasta points while wearing when farming an npc that gives rasta points can only farm weed groudon while high weed mbox to weed groudon Drops 5 kinds of weed And (1-2 out of) bong pipe dildo bong pikachu bong charizard bong squirtle bong Rayquaza bong Rainbow bong Gold bong Cyan Bong Dragonball bong 1-7 each give weed 1.25x longer and stronger effects Combining them makes Golden Dragonball Bong Makes weed have 1.5x longer and stronger effects Weed Groudon Colored Bong weed pets like weed cell, weed buu 1/10k weed phat 1/10k weed hween 1/10k weed santa 1/10k weed groudon mask 1/10k weed barrows, virtus, pernix, torva, void set boxes Bag of weed (Breaks down into 4-5 random weeds) qp of weed (Breaks down into 4 bags of weed) half pound of weed (Breaks down into 2 quarter pounds of weed) pound of weed (breaks down into 2 half pounds of weed) Buu piece + majin stone + matching set piece + chance = majin goku majin void majin beerus Goku to black goku upgrader makes a nice mid tier + set Black goku can be upgraded like ironman armor, final upgrade makes a great endgame set Beginner black goku has a 1.25x dr on reg and gold dragonballs and a maxed black set has a 1.5x droprate on them, along with 20% addition ddr chance towards dragonballs and golden dragonballs only, and the set has like a 1/10k global drop chance at a purple star black dragonballs, which either lets you pick 2 of the golden rewards, 1 golden reward but you get 2-3x the normal amount you would based on rng, 2-3 reset scrolls based on rng, 1-2 store boxes based on rng, and the option to save them and turn in 3 sets for a shenron pet, 5 sets for a golden shenron pet, 7 sets for a cyan shenron pet, or 10 sets for a custom colored shenron pet best in slot, you would get a ticket that you give to a staff member! Torva set ideas: Mountain Dew Torva Mcdonalds Torva Joker Torva Deadpool Torva Pizza Torva Skittlez Torva Owner Torva Gold Torva Cyan Torva Weed Torva Diamond Torva Barrows Torva Skilling Torva Pieces (1:1000 Chance anytime skilling to get a Torva Pieces Themed after the skill) Money Torva Dragonball Torva Red mushroom with white dots Torva Buu torva Cell torva Rasta Torva Tron Torva Gold Trimmed Torva Rune Trimmed Torva Runescape god Torva Sets Bumblebee torva Barrows Torva Vanilla Torva Chocolate Torva Ghost Torva in different colors Christmas Torva with Xmas tree mh and offhand Easter Torva Halloween Torva Blueberry Torva Harley-Quinn Torva Ironman Torva Batman Torva Hulk Torva Lucky Box New Drops Lucky armor and lucky diamonds Lucky armor pieces and weapons drop. each with 5 upgrades, the better the upgrades the better chance to randomly increase your droprate when downing an npc Tank (My concept boss from one of my other threads) more drops Hecate II Army beerus Army buu Army goku Army broly Army Vegeta Army Frieza Add regular and golden dragonballs to celljr Add broly gear to broly boss, upgrades to cyan broly, which upgrads into evil broly, which upgrades in god ssj broly, which allows you to farm a special boss midas touch, a gauntlet formed from 5 infinity gaultlets, lets you alch items into 60% of their sale value greedy goblins a minesweeper style minigame Essentially like minesweeper, you attack the goblins in a certain order, in hopes to not blow the place up! The further you get, the better points and rewards, and if you complete a round, you get a key to the royal chest Easy, medium, hard, and elite modes from them you can get royal diamonds, which are used for special upgrades, they also drop royal boxes with fire custom loot, and they have a shop you can spend the diamonds ::ghetto zone which has thug npcs they drop high tier guns black market super sponsor and diamond donor bonds that have 3 levels, 1 works for 3 days, 1 works for 5 days, 1 works for 7 days, for both super sponsor and diamond donor they drop crack pipes and crack ghetto crack 5 minutes 4x damage and dr, and ddr good good 10 minutes 6x damage and dr, ddr and golden goddess 3 minutes of 1 hit and always double drop 3 tiers, and they have very very powerful boosts but only last for a short time, and you are 25% weaker in stats for 1 hour in game real time after you run out these are very rare drops and can drop as 1 rock 1 bag which is 4 rocks (breaks down into rocks) 1/4 sack 8 rocks (breaks down into 2 bags) 1/2 sack 16 rocks (breaks down into 2 1/4s) 1 full sack 32 rocks (breaks down into 2 1/2s) Fire money maker, everyone wants crack wheel of ironman use ironman pieces for a spin, can give ok rewards to epic and beyond! basic ironman pieces are 1 spin, +1 is 2 spins ect Completed ironman pieces can not be used Can also win War Machine pieces from wheel Daily, weekly, monthly lottery New scratch cards, the current ones are useless and outdated Some ideas (scratch cards should at least give an okay reward, sometimes incredible!) Blue hearts scratch card Has okay loots, but can give 1-5x blue hearts as amazing rewards Can also give epic blue crystal gear and weapons!! These cards can drop 5-10x from blue hearts, also drop from bosses Groudon's might scratch cards Gives pet groudons reg, magma, weed, pink ect Gives groudon instances Give groudon armor sets Gives special boxes Can give very special max pokemon pets and more Drops from mega, weed groudon, and new groudons we add, and magma groudon (cant forget old bosses they need updating) Lucky 777s Can only be bought from scratchoff kiosk Can give money and things that sell to junk store for high value And high roller special custom gear and some epic ultra rares 6 versions, 5q, 20q, 50q, 100q, 500q, 1qt Phat Santas Can drop from any boxes 1-3x sometimes 5 Can give common santas, sleds, phats, ect can also give uncommon rares rare rares ultra rare rares and owner santa, phat, sled ect Well of liquidation Every player has a well they can activate once they have midas touch (the special infinity gauntlet) This well a player can put any items in (you can't get them back be careful) When you hit 10qt, you can liquidate them for 65% of there value, or let your well grow If you let it hit 100qt, You get a demigod set, and can liquidate items in your well for 70% value at 250qt, you get demigod master set, and you can liquidate at 75% at 500qt, you get demigod perfect set, and you can liquidate at 80% at 750qt, you get a god set, and can liquidate at 85% at 1000qt, you get an owner set, and can liquidate at 90% Note once you have hit a certain tier, your liquidation value doesn't go down, so if you hit 75%, it's always 75%, but you can't liquidate less then 10qt boardwalk zone A special customs road ::boardwalk its a long bridge that has islands on the left and right side as you go filled with custom npcs each with tons of epic customs, cosmetic, upgrade items, pets ect And you advance to each zone with enough kc in each zone like spyro and crash torva zones, colored runescape enemies and bosses ect Once you clear all 100 zones or so You can fight exodias which drop exodia set and weapons exodia boxes which can drop any custom in the game custom pets like exodia, yugioh god pets, blue eyes white dragon ect Exodia hearts which drop a few 2-5 blue hearts, 2-3 spec boxes, 1-2 store boxes, and a few pieces of great loot, all at once You can only farm the exodia zone 1-2 hours a day in game time, before you are given a special task to farm a few hundred to a few thousand of a certain npc, then you may return The timer only counts while you are in the exodia zone We need to provide our players with a lot more to do, rather then just continue to grind for the next pinnacle of gear. This server is great, and the team is talented and works hard, we can do this. Right now goldenscape is kind of growing in a pyramid, as new content comes out, old content becomes less useful, like gear, raids, minigames ect, I am working on concepts for that, as well as expanding the scope, add unique things for players to do, different things to do with skills, ability to temper any armor and any weapon in game, some requiring more then others, to make it so any equipment can become endgame. Add custom ways to mod and expand on current equipment, unique uses and bosses, as well as very hard to get drops, special wells and bosses, minigames puzzles ect. Give the players many more options of what to do on goldenscape other then pvm, and as far as pvm goes, we need to get away from the pyramid style of continuously farming for game loot, that will burn the players, staff, and server out. We can get this new style going now and make goldenscape a mysterious mmo world, filled with wonderful adventures and unique experiences! Like runescape but based on customs and unique ideas! If you love Goldenscape like I do, and you want to see it grow and become the large scale mmo I know it can, please work together and work with me on this, and we will make it just that.
  15. rickles

    Koala Dot Staff Application!

    Koala Dot is a very friendly and respectful player, and someone I could certainly see being a great addition to the team. +1 Thanks for submitting the application bud, good luck!