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  1. Name(optional): In-game name: Ding dong ho Age: 22 What time zone you live in: PDT How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): At minimum ill play 5 hours a day, but due to the recent pandemic I have been playing all day long! How you contributed to the game: As of currently, I have been contributing to the game by helping all the new players logging in, making guides, and reminding everyone to vote! How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): I have 100 hours playtime. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): I have a bunch of ideas to improve quality of life for our players. How are you dealing with problems: I am great with dealing with problems. First thing to do is try to diffuse peoples anger! How are you with dealing with people: I sell cars for a living so dealing with people is what I do! Since I've started this server I'd say I made quite a lot of friends so far with no enemies!
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    Npc stores/Chest rewards/Boxes

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------NPC Shops--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chest Loots---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Olm Minigame ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Boxes---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Store Box Soloraid award box (Couldn't find special box rewards)
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    Starter Guide

    Starter Guide Step 1. Talk to Guide man at ::train to receive a guide book holding a lot of valuable information and questions you might have as a new player. Step 2. Focus all of your time to finish the ::startertasks to acquire really good starting armor and a blue heart which currently sells for 50q. I recommend you to sell the blue heart and buy a upgraded weapons or armors! Step 3. Make sure to go to every starter boss that spawns (you only get to kill a select amount of these till you are over 20 hours playtime, make sure to take advantage). This boss can be found on monster teleports (click the GS under the coin pouch) and is located first in the list. He drops various goodies that will come in handy like upgrade resources and weed to smoke for extra buffs. Step 4. Goldenscape has a really cool progressions system (::progressions). With this system you have the option to pick which progressions you'd like to work on and get rewarded quite heavily including blue hearts (50q ea) and GS coins (used in GS shop for various goodies). Keep in mind you need to finish all 3 tasks before claiming all the rewards. Also there is 91 Achievements you can work on for prizes. There is also a boss point shop to benefit from while doing progressions so its a win win scenario to grind these out! Step 5. Solo raids is very critical for new player progression in this game. To enter solo raids you click the Boss Fountain and it will immediately teleport you into the first room with a ghoul. Once you kill the ghoul you pick up his key and enter the portal. There will be 3 other minibosses with the same concept as the ghoul, kill, pick up key, use portal. Then you will fight the boss! Killing him awards you 10 extra solo raid points and a 1/5 chance to receive a solo raids key which you can use on the solo raids chest just north of the portal. At ::soloraid there is a NPC named "Soloraids store" who you can trade for a lot of cool armor, pets, and upgrade material. But don't be fooled by the looks of the nice stuff he has for sale. Save up for a Toxic void set! It is a very powerful set and as soon as you get this set you will be ready to tackle the harder bosses this server has to offer! Step 6. Finish the Goku quest. Teleport to ::goku or ::vegeta and if you talk to the "Dragonball Z Quest" npc he will tell you to bring him all 7 dragonballs. Once this is done you can continue to kill the gokus/vegetas. (which are only level 7 with 1.2m Hp) until you get all the 7 different dragonballs. You can finish this quest as many times as you'd like so don't be upset with dupes. Once completed speak to the "Dragonball Z Quest" NPC once again to pick from reward options! Rewards included are 1. x3 blue heart 2. Sponsor scroll 3. Broly pet 4. x1 special donate box Step 7: Doing ::Slayer will also help you alot in-game, there is 4 different kind of slayer masters for each levels. While doing slayer you earn Slayer Caskets and Slayer Keys from monsters, once you open them there is a chance you can get a slayer helmet which has benefits and also is upgradeable to better tier slayer helms by doing ::upgrade. First helmet = points Received * 1.2 Slayer helmet [1] = points received * 1.4 Slayer helmet [2] = points received * 1.6 Slayer helmet [3] = points received * 1.8 Slayer helmet [4] = points received * 2.0 Slayer helmet [5] = points received * 2.2 Check out the Slayer Store aswell! Also fastest way to earn GS Coins are from ::custom When you finish with this you will be well familiar with the game and it will be time for you to kill any boss you want!
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    Woodcutting Guide

    Woodcutting Guide Step 1. Click your woodcutting skill on your stats tab. You will be given two different option to pick from "low-level Woodcutting" and "High-level Woodcutting". Click the Low-level Woodcutting teleport to start chopping trees! Step 2. Talk talk Wilfred to buy your axes, he sells all axes from bronze to dragon. Step 3. Start chopping the normal trees till you reach level 15. -Oak tree lvl 15 -Willow tree lvl 30 -Maple tree lvl 45 You will get these smaller levels really fast and will soon be able to teleport to the "High-level Woodcutting area". Step 4. Once you get lvl 60 woodcutting make sure you buy your dragon axe from Wilfred then teleport using the the woodcut skill teleport to "High-level Woodcutting". Cut yew trees till level 75 woodcutting then you have the option to cut magic trees or stay at yews a little longer for faster XP and more logs cut. There is a progression that requiers 1,000 logs cut in total so it might be more beneficial to stay at the yew trees a little longer to fill that progression. Yew tree ^ Magic tree ^ There is also the option to chop the AFK Tree at home or ::afktree. This tree chops logs very slowly with Xp per log being 6,599. I do think its well worth it if you actually have to afk with nothing else to do! That is my guide simple and easy. Good luck with the tree chopping!