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  1. At the moment Phats and Sleds are clast has junk, people are dropping them and feeling cheated after getting a key, then getting just a phat that the cant sell or use. Could we get something like, collect all phats and the sleds for a quest to reward you with like a God phat what has really good dr% or a phat for melee, ranger and mage and with dr% this will make the phats and sleds worth money again due to players will want them and players wont feel so cheated
  2. Due to people having alot of cash, maybe having a new Mboxes bought with cash only in a new "Cash Box Shore" would be a nice way to get money out of the eco but still rewarding those people who like the risk of opening boxes i.e 10q box - 50Q - 100Q - 1000Q
  3. Donator ranks should have their own bosses, this will make ranks worth the money people are trying to sell them for. at the moment it seems they are only bought for the DR% and thats it. would be nice with a little big more content attached to them 🙂
  4. This was an idea i made on a server i was making but never published..so if you arent going to use then delete please xD pandora's box is a quest/minigame that i made due to i never saw it before. its a instance based game where you are tp's to set bosses that get harder and harder but at the end of the boss fight you are given 1 of 3 boxes, each box tp's you to a different boss. this is repeated over a few bosses untill you get to the pandora's boxes once again, on the last boss you are given 1 of 3 boxes (pandora's boxes) i.e blue, green, red - each colour represents a gear set. open the box to get 1 of the gear set items. this mini game adds, grinding, luck and excitment due to not knowing what you will be fighting or getting. you could play this mini game all day and not get the same fights if you had to fight 5 bosses thats like a factor of 500 different combinations. i think this would add alot to a server with little coding. you have the instance coding already, so would be quick work 🙂 also i was thinking you could use boss fragments as a way to pay in - 1000 boss fragments to play. will give more use to fragments plus new players could sell them giving them a way to make a little money on the way, inturn helping both new and old players.
  5. wayo0o

    Hidden boss

    Every Npc has a chance of dropping half a key (loop and teeth) once placed togeather will tp you to a hidden boss that drops rare items. with the chance of getting both parts of the key been low this would be a nice boss you could showcase end game gear or donator gear you dont want many non donators to have but yet still will give that small chance. also this will be good for new starters if they was to get a half they would make good money from top players wanting something they have found. this could also be an end game achievement to fight this boss due to it been so rare. key half dr 0.00000000000009%
  6. The server buff well is just like the DR well, but this will give random buffs out when activated. to combat the fact buffs will go when players die (new players). would could make a timer on the well when activated while in this time players can click it and get a buff if they dont have one. might be worth putting a limit on how many times it will give buffs out, players may die just to get better buffs if random. I.e check well timer check player counter amount If player has buff id 0000, 0000 , 00000, blah, blah player cant get another If else give random buff player.java, ObjectHandler.java and so on..
  7. wayo0o

    End Game Bosses

    So ive just been thinking it would be nice to have some new bosses with high hp or def so that end game players feel like they are grinding again. it all server its the same, you get the best gear and then just 1 hit spawns...yeah i agree it does feel good. but it takes the fun from the game. I would like to suggest that we have some new end game bosses that takes like 5/10mins for top gear players to kill but has a drop rate of like 1 in 5 kills is a drop (but would have to be new items) having something to aim for will bring back alot of fun for those people who are not just sat in dicezone 😛 plus, who doesnt play RS and doesnt expect the grind
  8. wayo0o

    Wayo0o's Starter Guide

    So, after playing 39 and with a bank worth of around 500Q+ on my 3rd day of play, (including afk time) i wanted to share the way i started. Maybe this will help new players more than the other guide help'd me. Start as normal, run the training ground, collect bones, use them on the alter - get your prayer level up (level 95 -99) join ClanChat "Help" so you can speak with the server. at this point you want to do the achievements you can quickly do and save a little money up - don't use the scratch cards/lucky cards you'll want to spam them for a better chance "believe me!" get around 3000k1bil tickets (sounds alot but isnt) remember 1000k (1000000) tickets = 1Q If you now ask in chat if someone will sell you some good starter items for around 3q im sure many many players will sell you items they dont need for cheap (but this may change with the junk store, we will have to see) but if not get a thor hammer (500k-1Q) "if that" someone will sell you a full set of goku for 1-2Q "if that" at this point you can keep doing achivements or go to :: soloraid, just by killing the first boss over and over you get 1 point per kill, 30 points =1q cash, with just 210 youll have 7Q i would say grind and get a icy glave for 6-9Q ( i dont want to use luck in this guide but you have a chance of getting soloraid keys what give really good items everytime you finish the soloraid but this takes good'ish gear or grinding it with the right weapons I.e 1st boss melee, 2nd Range, 3rd Range, 4th mage 5th Melee while using soulsplit.) When you can finally run it to the end its plan sailing from there. i wuld say grinde to get a toxic item i,e chest, bottoms, and gloves. "dont worry about the helm" you can sell it for 100Q this may take you half a day, but there is no where in the server you could make this money so fast in such little time at you gear set. when you get the 100Q get the lit af maul if you havent gotten it from soloraid keys/chest. then grinde another 100Q and buy the upgraded lit af maul with trade in from the lit af maul you already have. now youll be running soloraid in around 40-80 secs. Items to pick up on the way Collector aura - soloraid key/chest or 9-12Q elite void melee set - soloraid key/chest or 5-8Q ea heli pet - 1-5Q from players Ring of wealth (3) - donator boxes Lucky Ring of wealth - donator boxes donator rank(s) - donator boxes Tips Stack all lucky related items. i.e boxes, keys and scrach cards you have a better chance it seems when you spam imo. Use all bones on the alter. Dont spend GS points on worthless items in the GS shop save and just get toxic from there too thats what i do. At low gear set dont waste your time with hoping for a lucky drop after a killing a npc more than likely youll just be wasting your time when we have soloraid. Becareful, you can only upgrade the elite void melee helm not the range! make sure you type the right amount into player own shops when selling your items. i.e 1000000 =1Q 10000000 =10Q So many people lose money by not putting the right item price! SoloRaid Bosses Weakness 1st boss melee, 2nd Range 3rd Range 4Th mage 5Th melee Hope this helps. \o,