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  1. Shannon

    Update Version 2.1

    Really enjoying this update whole lot. Brought something more todo in-game for that gauntlet :P
  2. Shannon


    Hello fellow homosapiens 🙂 My name is Shannon. There's quite a lot about me for I try to do everything on my own so for one I'm very independent, I also keep to myself for the most part. For starters I like to play games, growing up I felt as if I was the best QuickScoper on Call Of Duty but never went anywhere with gaming at that point in my life. I love riding motorcycles/dirtbikes, I love working on computers as I have built a few of my own ( have broke due to self reasons XD ) I love being on a computer actually; going through high school I took every single computer class including 3 of them being college classes (Photoshop, C++, Honors Java Programming, Certified in AutoCAD, Certified in Inventor, 3Ds max, Revit, advanced modeling and simulation-was course after basic 3dsmax-) Still to this day I have my tech teacher added on my Facebook 🙂 For my life I plan on going into game development, technology will advanced further and further everyday so I might aswell get ahead by learning as much as possible. Being a Jack-of-all-trades is hard to be honest... The more you learn, the more you learn there's more to learn 😛 Will always give honest opinion and try my best to put myself in your shoes and figure out anything with BOTH mindsets at work instead of one. I don't flaunt but I do feel as if I am a higher kind over others, so I am kinda a head turner ❤️
  3. Shannon


    🙂 I added lil extra
  4. Shannon


    Here's the idea. Very basic, I will DEF do more work for it 😛
  5. Shannon


    I think since the best pet in game is venom, maybe we should implement the Venom-Glaive aswell 😛 We have venom outfit and pet so a weapon would be a great idea 😛 15% dr, different color maybe a slight glow? Up to you. 🙂