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  1. Slickdize

    Update Version 2.0

    Sick update, looking forward to making videos about it!
  2. Slickdize

    Loot from 5 hours of ::custom zone!

    My longest project yet here on GoldenScape, I really hope you guys will enjoy it!
  3. Slickdize

    Update Version 1.9

    Crazy update! Great job Heraklis!
  4. Name(optional): David In-game name: Slickdize Age: 28 What time zone you live in: GMT ( UK Timezone ) How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): 3-4 hours Monday to Thursday ( Evenings ), 8-12++ Hours on the weekends. How you contributed to the game: I've made a few videos about the server, helped players with their questions in help cc and just helping around the server in general. How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): 100+ Hours. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): I can bring professionalism to the staff team, I have over 10 years of moderating and administrative experience on and off RSPS background, having managed a small team in the past up to 10+ people, to running departments on my own to managing my own servers, I have a firm and professional approach to players new and old alike, I can transfer my years of experience onto GoldenScape as well carry on making amazing content on YouTube to help new players find our server. How are you dealing with problems: I'm naturally a problem solver, I automatically come up with solutions to problems and take the most efficient way to tackle them, I do not give up until the problem is solved. How are you with dealing with people: I have met all sorts of people over my years in staff positions as well as real-life, I am mature enough to deal with people in a polite and professional manner, some people don't like the way I deal or resolve the problems, but then again, we can't please everyone and there's always going to be one sour apple out of the whole basket. I hope you will consider me as an addition to the staff team, thank you for taking your time in reading my application. Regards, David aka Slickdize
  5. Decided to do something a little bit different for you guys, opened 3000+ Lucky Boxes and did 1 Hour worth of Slayer grind, hope you guys enjoy!
  6. Slickdize

    Loot from 500 Deadisland Kills!

    Decided to do 500 instead of 1000 as said in the video, hope you guys enjoy!
  7. Slickdize

    Hey! Slickdize here!

    What's up guys, name's Slickdize, people call me Slick, here to enjoy the server and make some great videos! See ya'll in-game ❤️ - Slick
  8. Slickdize

    Starting out on GoldenScape!

    Thank you! ❤️
  9. Slickdize

    Loot from 1000 Thir kills!

    Took a while to complete, but I hope you guys enjoy! More to come 😛❤️
  10. Slickdize

    Starting out on GoldenScape!

    Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick video, I know it's nothing special, but wanted to mash something up really quickly, there will more to come!