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    When you first join GoldenScape-Ps you will begin at the training area, wield your assault rifle for the best dps to start off with. (ranged weapon) With the Starter Bracelet, Killing one you will complete an Achievement, Feel free to open up the Donator box's And Scratch card's. Check the stats off the items you obtain. You may even get donator scroll or a Super donator Scroll!!! Use 3 big bones on the alter behind you at penguin to get over 43+ prayer. and recharge your points. then start killing winged troll's, pick up there bones. and tickets. You will start getting gs coins. (keep hold off them) When you feel happy about your gear, go and kill predators. in the last lava room. Again pick up there bones. Remember you will need to use melee very soon for defence levels also, Don't panic if your about to die!! You don't Lose items and just go back by using ::train, Remember to use your bones on the alter again. Best off luck on your Loots. This is where I moved onto the next steps I highly recommend you aim for 95 prayer for soul split, before moving on like I did. 🙂 now from this stage you have a few options. 1) Click onto the skull tab for achievements. and start working on them For really cool rewards! The bill tokens are cash in this game. And achievements are the best for you to obtain cash at the moment, very easy! 100k bill tokens, Donator box and 2 Scratch cards for all easy achievements done! 200k Bill tokens 100 Lucky boxes, 3 Scratch cards for medium. 1000k Bill tokens Red heart crystal and 1,000 GS coins for hard. Red heart crystal can give very high tier items. (Remember to save up them GS coins! elite tasks. Gives you 5000k Bill tokens x3 Red hearts, and one Blue heart. (Blue heart can give extremely overpowered items! 2) Or start doing ::npctasks and work on them. Lucky scratching card, just a little upgrade from the regular ones. gs box can obtain some decent gear. scroll of enchant (soe) used to upgrade items, with ::upgrade Red heart can give you some op gear :) Blue heart, can give you some extremely overpowered items!! Pet box, Pet mystery box, Can give awesome pets 🙂 they can also have there own built in effect, Donation box and some bosses have there own boxes. For more chance off getting loot, As well with doing npc tasks, You could get some drops off the bosses there self examine them to see what they can drop! 3) You could start with your skilling grind? There isn't to much information I can give about this. Just click on the skill you would like to train in your stat tab, And it should teleport you there! It is that easy! Apart from summoning You will need to kill some bosses, to get charm boxes. Each one gives 28 off each charm, Costing 10 boss kills. 4) You could aim to get full void from pest control. (Minigame teleport) You could get full void, then try and ::upgrade it for elite void. That will give you a 2.0x damage boost. Costs 20 scroll of enchant (soe) But with only 33% and 67% off losing the item. (If failed) chance off upgrading one part. But the full set is worth it!! Reg void is red. 1.5x Damage (full set) Elite is blue 2.0x Damage (full set) Toxic void is green. (best void set ) need gs coins to buy it. 3.0x Damage (full set) There are also global boss's and raid bosses. The game will automatically shout them out in the chatbot! They can give very good stuff! 🙂 There is also ::joinraid but you need 7,500 killcount ::npckills to check! Or doing Slayer. for weapons or collectors amulet! (must have) Witch will pick up your items for you! all Slayer masters are located at ::shops or you could get lucky at ::marvel ::Npctasks and Achievements are one off the best ways to get gear & Weapons. There are shops at ::home where you can spend gs coins. and other Shops also more at ::shops ::custom and ::custom2 are good ways to get cash easily, aswell as diamonds. also with doing barrows the minigame, can give you these diamonds: (Blood Ice Shadow Smoke) and many other bosses / npcs they are used to upgrade weapons to god's tier at the god's weapons crafter located at north of ::home very powerful weapons. Same goes with legendary crafter. ::pos is for Buying / Selling items to players in your own little shop! :) ::commands. is just teleports around the game, some are good ones to remember! be sure to check them out. If you have any other questions, Or need help please do pm a staff member! They don't bite. (More coming soon)