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  1. Name(optional): Drew In-game name: Pkhero Age: 21 What time zone you live in: Eastern Standard Time (EST) How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): 4-8 hours average on weekdays (depending on the day of the week). This will increase on the weekends. How you contributed to the game: I have contributed to the game by inviting people to it and the discord. I have made donations to help support the server. I also help new players when they join. How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): 105 so far and growing every day! What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): I am very active on the server in the chats and in things such as mini-games/raids/chat. I welcome new members and help them with questions and how to start the game. My timezone will let me be supportive for the America players while the other timezone staff are not online. How are you dealing with problems: I deal with people problems by trying to apply the rules as best I can and by attempting to keep tensions low. Keeping the situation from escalating is very important to me. How are you with dealing with people: I am very good with people. I am friends with many people in game and plan to keep making the server more enjoyable for others! I treat everyone with respect and am remain calm in all situations. Thanks for reading! -Pkhero
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