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  1. Name(optional): Real Name is in game name spelled backward In-game name: Ikusgnav Age: Just turned 20 today What time zone you live in: United states How much time you spend on the server: 5-7 hours probably some days just to get on for couple hours or so. How you contributed to the game: Trying to buy donation for good in game offer also donated some good amount even in old days of golden or today. Helped starter players with some starter gears. such as ring of wealth, starter rising star pieces, or a pet if they voted. How long you have been playing: 100 hours so far almost at 101 What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): Well, I really enjoy helping new players on there way or players who cant offered enough for the item they want and I just make sure I make them a fit deal so they can be happy and also myself. I often helped most new active players who got in the server with some way to make money my way or if they needed a way to make some good quick cash. How are you dealing with problem: Either I make the problem and its all my fault or either if there's a problem I'm glad to contributed to help any players at any cost only if they promise not to trip or quit cause they are bored. I will pm them to make conversation of the friendly or if not I wont bother you. How are you with dealing with people: If players want to say negative things in a way that suit them self good luck. I never like to argue but when I do, I literally try to make it end quick and just say its up to you if you think there's a point doing the right thing is key or not. But rules are rules,so if you get muted and hated by other players it's your own fault.