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  1. Rng/Buu

    "Focus" Helper Application

    Thank you for application, best of luck! 😄
  2. Rng/Buu

    Fix the awefull lag

    We got new VPS and past 2 updates have fixed lag, if there are any lag spikes / lag, check "players" internet, or refresh client.
  3. Rng/Buu

    Slickdize's Helper Application

    Thank for application dude! Best of luck!
  4. Rng/Buu

    "Dice" for helper

    Thank you for application, Best of luck!
  5. Rng/Buu

    Pkhero Support Application

    Thanks for application, Best of luck 🙂
  6. Rng/Buu

    New player's

    Awesome guide dude! keep up the good stuff - Rngesus/Buu
  7. Renegade Pvm Clan I am currently accepting 10-15 players ATM to Join my Clan / Clan Chat. we are going to be focusing on pvm based gameplay / pvm based help. Reasoning. clan chat 'Help' is used for new players to start their adventure in Goldenscape and we have more then enough player's to help those player's so I am creating a clan chat for players who meet my requirements! I am just wanting to split the chat up so we have new players in 'Help' clan chat, and my clan chat for more experienced players, (veterans). Who simply want to grind and play the server without having a swarm of new players asking them questions every minute. Requirements No flags / warnings on account. Verified Forum account. 80 hours in-game OR - 10,000 npc kills (::npckills) ~~!!YOU MUST PROVIDE SCREENSHOT OF BOTH HOURS IN-GAME & NPC KILLS!!~~
  8. Rng/Buu

    Rngesus Staff Application

    107 current hours in-game.
  9. Name(optional): In-game name: Rngesus Age: 20 What time zone you live in: Central Standard Time. (GMT-6) How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): about 6 hours a day. How you contributed to the game: Help new players with better starter gear, show them the ways of the server. How long you have been playing: about a month. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): i wouldn't say anything makes me special, just a canadian trying to help the server in anyway i can. How are you dealing with problems: Problems are simply resolved by communication How are you with dealing with people: I love the people, annoying people i just tend to ignore, but still help when they ask of course.
  10. Rng/Buu

    Kentov Suggestion List.

    DR cap is 80, cant go over. i agree on the well of goodwill, it could also add DR bonus but again, it caps at 80. Void pieces are tradable but only helmets, i think its due to the fact that PC is fun and super easy to get points so it really doesnt take long to get full set, if full set was tradable PC minigame would be DEAD. it's just chance at upgrade. so i disagree on this one. Just my Opinions on suggestions, other then those, i agree with them.