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  1. storia

    XP Lamp / Effigies Guide

    Great Guide.
  2. storia

    Koala Dot New Staff App

    I'd give you a chance. I can't tell how active are you lately in-game/forums or discord, since i can't play myself atm. But i have seen you being active in the past. Everything is up to Heraklis. But +1 from me for sure.
  3. I like most of the ideas, expect the Collector Necklace Bank idea.. You pretty much have the benefit for a ::bank command for free. Takes only about 2 clicks to bank your inventory. And about adding Logs to the shop.. We cant make everything that easy. It wouldnt be a grind. I agree with adding D'hides to the shop, since you can't really get d'hides in large amount of stacks as PVM'ing. Everything else is fine. Overall a great suggestion and looking forward to add/fix them.
  4. storia

    Meatikus' Staff Application

    i approve! Best of luck!
  5. storia

    Noveka's support application

    Thank you for your application! Best of Luck!
  6. storia

    Mustikas supporter application

    Demoted due inactivity.
  7. storia

    "Focus" Helper Application

    Declined for being nonactive, you can reapply in 2 weeks! Thank you and best of luck!
  8. storia

    Weapons Guide

    Weapons ranked from Worst Bonus > Best Bonus Melee: Rising Star Blade 3% Obtainable from: Rising Star Warriors (NPC), Donator Box, GS Box Supreme Flame Blade 4% Obtainable from: Supreme Flame Warrior (NPC), Upgrading Rising Star Blade 3% ::Upgrade Flaming Pheonix Brutal Whip 5% Obtainable From: Vladimir (NPC), Pheonix (NPC) Blood Glaive 8% Obtainable from: Thor (NPC), Lucky Scratching Card, ::Draconic (Global Boss), Olm Minigame, Blue Crystal Heart Soul Katana 7% Obtainable From: Soulscreamer (NPC), ::Draconic (Global Boss), Blue Crystal Heart Brutal Whip 10% Obtainable From: Boss Point Shop, ::Draconic (Global Boss), Marvel Raids, Lucky Scratching Card, Lucky Box Heka's Scythe 10% Obtainable From: ::Draconic (Global Boss), Raids Chest Loot ::Raids, Lucky Scratching Card Spider Man Glaive 11% Obtainable From: ::Raids Spiderman (NPC), Raids Loot Chest (::Raids), Deadisland Treasure Chest (::Deadisland) Thor Warhammer 8% Obtainable From: Thor (NPC), Olm Minigame, ::Draconic (Global Boss), ::Startertasks Draconic Godsword 15% Obtainable From: Soulscreamer (NPC), ::Draconic (Global Boss), Blue Heart Crystal God's Brutal Whip 12% Obtainable From: God's Weapons Crafter ::Home Toxic Void Katana 10% Obtainable From: GS Coin Shop ::Home, Raids Loot Chest (::Raids), Blue Heart Crystal God's Warhammer 11% Obtainable From: God's Weapon Crafter ::Home God's Sword 15% Obtainable From: God's Weapon Crafter ::Home Icy Glaive 12% Obtainable From: Upgrading Blood Glaive (::Upgrade), Soloraid Award Box, Deadisland Treasure Chest (::Deadisland), Blue Crystal Heart, Raids Loot Chest (::Raids), Soloraids Treasure Chest (::Soloraid) Golden Katana 15% Obtainable From: Legendary Crafter ::Home God's Glaive 15% Obtainable From: Upgrading Icy Glaive (::Upgrade), Blue Crystal Heart Lit Af Maul 15% Obtainable From: Blue Crystal Heart, Soloraid Treasure Chest (::Soloraid) Upgraded Lit Af Maul 15% Obtainable From: Endgame Gear Upgraded ::Home Rastaman Bong 15% Obtainable From: Rastaman (NPC), Weed Shop (::Shops) God's Duals 30% Obtainable From: God's Weapon Crafter ::Home Devil May Cry 30% Obtainable From: Blue Heart Crystal Skittlez Sword 15% Obtainable From: Helicopter Soul Range: Dark Mg Obtainable From: Donator box, Belerion (NPC) Infernal MG Obtainable From: Donator Box, GS Box, Boss Point Shop Galaxy Minigun 10% Obtainable From: Thanos (NPC), Upgrading Infernal MG (::Upgrade), Boss Point Shop, ::Startertasks Dragon Minigun 20% Obtainable From: Upgrading Galaxy Minigun (::Upgrade), Boss Point Shop Z500 Gun 15% & Z500 Offhand 10% (AOE) Obtainable from: Soloraid Treasure Chest (::Soloraid), Deadisland Treasure Chest (::Deadisland), Olm Minigame, Lucky Box, GS Box, Blue Heart Crystal, Raids Treasure Chest (::Raids) Upgraded Z500 Gun 15% & Z500 Offhand 12% (AOE) Obtainable From: Upgraded Z500 Gun at Legendary Crafter ::Home Upgraded Z500 Offhand at ::Upgrade Satanic Minigun 20% Obtainable From: Raids Treasure Chest (::Raids), Deadisland Treasure Chest (::Deadisland), GS Coin Store ::Home Gods Minigun 30% (AOE) Obtainable From: Blue Heart Crystal, Special Donation Box Ragefire Bow 30% (AOE) Obtainable From: Special Donation Box Upgraded reg Ragefire Bow 30% (AOE) Obtainable From: Upgrading Ragefire Bow at ::Home Endgame Gear Upgrader Magic: Thunder's Staff 10% Obtainable From: Fumus (NPC), ::Startertasks, Blue Heart Crystal, Deadisland Treasure Chest (::Deadisland), Raids Treasure Chest (::Raids), Olm Minigame Mystic Staff 12% Obtainable From: Upgrade Thunder's Staff at Legendary Upgrader ::Home Venom Staff 13% Obtainable From: Upgrading Mystic Staff at ::Home Endgame Gear Upgrader Infinity Gauntlet 15% (AOE) Obtainable From: Thanos Drops (Infinity Gauntlet [0]), Need 6 Stones to complete to Infinity Gauntlet 15% Owner's Staff 15% Obtainable From: Blue Heart Crystal
  9. storia


    Thats awesome, could be a little more detailed. Animated texture or something like that. But i rate that.
  10. storia

    Love of jah helper app.

  11. storia

    "Dice" for helper

    Making/Spamming new application posts, does not get you a support rank. If this is your one and only application then stick to it. Thank you & Good Luck!
  12. storia

    Update Version 1.9

    Sick update.
  13. storia

    *UPDATED 2020/04/29* Price Guide

    -------------------------------------------------------------- - Donator 225T - Super Donator 500T - Sponsor Rank 100-150Q (Depends on seller) - Super Sponsor Rank 225-275Q (Depends on seller) - Diamond Rank 500-550Q (Depends on seller) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -WEAPONS- -------------------------------------------------------------- - Flaming Pheonix Brutal Whip 5% (500T) - Brutal Whip 10% (1Q) - Bloody Glaive 8% (2-3Q) - Icy Glaive 12% (8-10Q) - God's Glaive 15% (15-20Q) - Draconic Godsword 15% (1Q) - Soul Katana 7% (1Q) - Thor Warhammer 8% (500T) - Thor Warhammer +1 9% (2Q) - Thor Warhammer +2 10% (3-4Q) - Thor Warhammer +3 11% (4-5) - Thunder Staff 10% (4-6Q) - Galaxy Minigun 15% (2Q) - Dragon Minigun 20% (5Q) - Rising Star Blade 3% (100-200T) - Supreme Flame Blade 4% (250T) - Heka's Scythe 10% (1-2Q) - Spiderman Glaive 11% (6-8Q) - Z500 Gun 15% (20-30Q) - Upgraded Z500 Gun 15% (40-60Q) - Z500 Offhand 10% (20-30Q) - Upgraded Z500 offhand 12% (60-80Q) - God's Warhammer 11% (50q) - God's Brutal Whip 12% (50q) - God's Sword 15% (50Q) - God's Duals 30% (125Q) - Owner's Staff 15% (5000-7000+Q) (depends on seller) - Satanic Minigun 20% (45Q) - Devil may cry 30% (100Q) - God's Minigun 30% (300-350Q) - Ragefire Bow 30% (1000-1300Q) - Toxic Void Katana 10% (5-10Q) - Mystic Staff 12% (50-60Q) - Golden Katana 15% (50Q) - Golden OH Sword 13% (5Q) - Upgraded Ragefire Bow 30% (5000+Q) (depends on seller) - Rastaman Bong 15% (20-25Q) - Lit Af Maul 15% (50-65Q) - Upgraded Lit Af Maul 15% (140-150Q) - Venom Staff 13% (250-350Q) - Skittlez Sword 15% (250-300Q) - Infintiy Gauntlet 15% (6-8QT) (depends on seller) - Shannon Sword's (depends on seller) - Beer 15% (25Q) - Assasin Weapon 15% (15-20Q) - Deadpool Sword 15% (80-100Q) - Deadpool Offhand Sword 14% (100-120Q) (ANY OTHER WEAPONS WITHOUT DR% ARE GOING FOR 50T-500T) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -ARMORS, SHIELDS- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Rising Star Set (200T) (Includes 6 Pieces) - Supreme Flame Set (300T) (Includes 6 Pieces) - Elite Torva (400T) (Includes 3 Pieces) - Devil Torva (500T) (Includes 3 Pieces) - Flaming Pheonix Torva (800T) (Includes 3 Pieces) - Goku Set (2.5Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) - Vegeta Set (2.5Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) - Raiden Set (5.5Q) (Includes 3 Pieces) - Ironman Set (10Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) - Ironman Set +1 (20-30Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) - Ironman Set +2 (40-50Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) - Ironman Set +3 (55-60Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) - Ironman Set +4 (65-80Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) - Completed Ironman Set (900-1300Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) (depends on seller) - Captain America Set (6Q) (Includes 3 Pieces) - Fumus Set (6Q) (Includes 3 Pieces) - Spiderman Set (30-35Q) (Inlcudes 5 Pieces) - Baboo Mask (1-2Q) - Teddybear 8% (700T-1Q) - Purple Teddybear 11% (2-3Q) - Captain America Shield 12% (6-8Q) - Tactical Wizard Set (6Q) (Includes 3 Pieces) - Destroyer Set (7-10Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) - Lava Pernix Set (35-40Q) (Includes 3 Pieces) - Elite Void Knight Set (36Q) (Includes 6 Pieces) - Toxic Void Set (600Q) (Includes 6 Pieces) - Venom Set (50-55Q) (includes 5 Pieces) - Rastaman Set (55-60Q) (includes 5 Pieces) - Golden Void Set (1800-2000Q) (Includes 6 Pieces) - Cyan Void Set (3600-4000Q) (Includes 6 Pieces) - Rastaman Shield 13% (20-30Q) - Bladed Shield 14% (50-75Q) - Buu Set (4000-5500Q) (Includes 5 Pieces) - Cell Set (500Q) (Includes 6 Pieces) - Baby Set (600Q) - Deadpool Set (120Q) - Joker Set (100Q) - Beerus Set (2400Q) (Includes 6 Pieces) - Golden Buu Set - Upg Beerus Set (NOTE THAT THE THERE ARE ONLY PRICES FOR SETS NOT PRICES FOR EACH ARMOR ITEMS) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -NECKLACES, RINGS, WINGS- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Collectors Amulet 10% (6-8Q) - Collector Aura 10% (10-12Q) - Upgraded Collector Aura (45-50Q) - Weed Aura 11% (11-13Q) - Cyan Collector Aura 13% (150-200Q) - SSJ Aura (1Q) - Maxed SSJ Aura (2Q) - Ring of Wealth [1] 4% (100T) - Ring of Wealth [2] 6% (300T) - Ring of Wealth [3] 8% (500T) - Lucky Ring of Wealth 12% (2-3Q) - Corrupt Ring of Wealth 10% (1Q) - Thanos Ring 12% (50Q) - Nice Wings 8% (4-5Q) - Thanos Cape 8% (5Q) - Epic Cape 7% (2-3Q) - Owner Cape 1 HIT (depends on seller) (OBTAINABLE FROM DONATION OR BLUE HEART CRYSTALS ONLY) - Darklord Cape 12% (100Q) - Cyan War Wings 13% (200-250Q) - Destroyer Wings 9% (7-9Q) - Rastaman Symbol 12% (30-40Q) - Venom Wings 13% (50-60Q) - Majin Ring 13% (1000-2000Q) (depends on seller) - Shannon Wings (depends on seller) - Baby Cape 14% - Joker Shield 13% --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Boxes etc..- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Gs Box (1Q) - Donator Box (100T) - Pet Mystery Box (10T) - Lucky Box (1T) - Infernal Groudon Box (1T) - Baphomet Box (1T) - Abbadon Box (1T) - Rising Star Box (1T) - Mewtwo Box (45T) - Le'fosh Box (45T) - Scroll Of Enchant (150-200T) - Lucky Scratching Card (300T) - Red Heart Crystal (2-3Q) - Blue Heart Crystal (40-60Q) - Blood Diamond (50-100T) - Shadow Diamond (50-100T) - Ice Diamond (50-100T) - Soes Box (5Q) - Elite Soe box (10Q) - Cryptic Box (50Q) - Store Mystery Box (750Q) - Special Donate Box (400Q) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Pets- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Goku Pet (2Q) - Vegeta Pet (2Q) - Sonic Pet (2Q) - Mr. Krabs Pet (2Q) - Pet Chilli (100T) - Pet Nutella (3Q) - Pet Mayonnaise (3Q) - Pet Spiderman (20-30Q) - Pet Minotour (10-15Q) - Pet Giant Lobster (10-15Q) - Pet Undead Chicken (10-15Q) - Pet Venom (30-40Q) - Pet Barrelchest (3Q) - Pet Bork (4Q) - Pet Ghoul (5Q) - Pet Hulk (6Q) - Pet Rastaman (7Q) - Pet Takash Bloodchiller (8Q) - Helicopter Pet (20-35Q) - Deadpool Pet (50Q) - Joker Pet (50Q) - Cell Pet (100Q) - Buu Pet (500-650Q) - Pet Baby (50Q) - Pet Bender (25-35Q) - Pet Cyan Broly (60-70Q) - Pet Broly (30-60Q)
  14. Name(optional): Richard In-game name: Storia Age: 19 soon 20 What time zone you live in: UTC+3 Europe. How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): 7-9 hours a day. How you contributed to the game:I've helped the server in the past and also right now with all em suggestions etc. Wish to be part of the team in the future too to help and put some love into the server. How long you have been playing: Over 2 Years in total. Right now 117h timeplayed. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): Im always active, if theres someone who needs help i gladly help them. How are you dealing with problems:I dont have any problems. How are you with dealing with people:Pretty well.