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  1. Knight

    Chipz's apply

    Thanks for applying to our Staff team. Hey, You have been accepted to join the GoldenscapePS Staff team as a helper. Best of luck on server,You are doing a great job so far!
  2. Knight

    Hi ~ Meur

    Hey Meur Nice to meet u , have a nice stay :)
  3. Knight

    Rngesus Staff Application

    Thanks for applying to our Staff team. You must tell how much playtime hours u have. -Knight
  4. Knight

    Zero's Rank

    Rank Added :)
  5. Knight

    Kentov Apply.

    Hi, Thanks for applying but you MUST have 100 hours, that is a REQUIREMENT which can not be avoided. Please apply again if you have followed all the requirements. DECLINED for now. GS Staff Team.
  6. Knight

    Gears Guide

    Gears Guide: Devil torva set: Rising star set: Supreme flame set: Elite torva set: Draconic set: Goku set: Vegeta set: Raiden set: Dark raiden set: Spiderman set: Diamond torva set: Demon torva set: Lakers torva set: Ironman set: Ironman +1 set: Ironman +2 set: Ironman +3 set: Ironman +4 set: Completed Ironman set: Tactical set: Destroyer set: Venom Set: Rastaman Set: Toxic Void Set (x3 Damage) Gold Void Set (x4 Damage) Cyan Void Set (x5 Damage)
  7. Knight

    Minigames Guide

    Hey what's up boys we are back with another guide This one will be the Minigames Guide Lets start with the first one : *Marvil Raids*: Its basically a raids game, there is a 3 raids and the 4th one is the boss First raid(stage) : Second raid (stage): 3rd raid (stage) : And the final stage is the boss : Lets move on to the next game *The defender mingame* : it's also a raids minigame, but here u need to kill the first defender and get a ticket that teleports u to the next stage and there u kill the boss. First stage : U need to get these tokens to get up for the next stage: And finally the last stage : *Pest Control* U may all know it but ill explane it.. U need to get in to the boat the teleports u to the land where u kill the protals and finish the game and get some points for the PC shop Here is the Inside look And here is the shop : U can buy from it void set that u can upgrade For elite void witch gives u x2 str bouns *The olm minigame* It’s also a stages minigame u need to get keys to open a gate witch opens for another level: The first level : U need to kill until u get a key named : First Room Key After that u move on to the next room Here it’s a little bit hard because u need not only one key there is 4 keys to the final room : And the final room u need to kill 100 customs Olm npcs and u will get a key to open a box that reward u an amzing stuff : And that’s It ?
  8. In-game name: Knight Age: 21 What time zone you live in: UTC +2:00 How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): 6-7 Hours a days depends if I have class. (if not more) How you contributed to the game: well , I have been playing Goldenscape since it started and I loved it , I do help people with tasks , stuff etc.. always been helpful and active in game – discord. How long you have been playing: I've been playing 103h as the game timer , irl about 2 weeks. Played on the old Goldenscape as well. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): I could make a little bit of joy by doing some mini games + there is not that much staff at my timezone. (I guess hera is the same as mine but he is sometimes busy). How are you dealing with problems: I've been a staff on multiple servers and I'm pretty good at it , first if it was flaming , stolen stuff , etc.. problem I ask them nicely to stop if he or she keeps going , I take actions against them. How are you with dealing with people: first i have a good personality always making jokes , that makes the players happy , always taking compliments-criticism , and lastly always trying to help. and i hope that i can prove my self :)