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  2. Heraklis

    Atem / iron atem

    Thanks for applying to our Staff team. You have been accepted to join the GoldenscapePS Staff team as a helper. Best of luck on server,You are doing a great job so far!
  3. 0069

    Atem / iron atem

    doesnt matter how many questions i ask hes always willing to answer them and directs me to the most efficient methods. atem is one of a kind
  4. griffen8

    Atem / iron atem

    +rep! The guy is super helpful and very nice! cheers bro!
  5. Name(optional): Marcus In-game name: Atem (iron atem) Age: 24 What time zone you live in: GMT+/-4:00 How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): average about 6-8 hours most days. On Fridays only 2 hours How you contributed to the game: I contribute to the game by routinely helping new players and seeking out the best methods to do things within the game. I also contribute by looking for bugs and posting them as soon as i find them. I try to be active and friendly to make Goldenscape a fun and enjoyable experience. I also help the economy flow and empty items out to help the eco. I use my knowledge of the game to steer new players in the best direction. How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): 442 and counting What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): What i add to the server is experience as staff on other servers. Community events , helping new players , investing/donating for the growth of Goldenscape. Another thing i add to the server is i constantly try recruiting new players to the server. I actively help others grow in this community as well. I constantly fill the wells and activate the Buff every day. To help the new players max and get better drops. I am a good listener and i work well with teams. I have basic programming experience and feel like i would be a big help when it come to troubleshooting problems and beta testing new idea. I believe in Goldenscape, I know it can go places with its unique content and I would love to give my input to help make this from a server to a community. How are you with dealing with people: I am a great problem solver. I was told by some one wise when dealing with a conflict it is best to listen what everyone has to say and speak last. After reviewing the evidence implying a punishment that's suitable for the offence. I try to be fair and can be reasoned with but at the end of the day the rules and the rules and you must abide. I dont tend to get into scrabbles or arguments easily. I am an easy person to get along with but i know when the law needs to be laid down. I haven't seen too many issues on this server. most people on this server have been kind to me and i return the favor. i just want to help the server continue to grow.
  6. Heraklis

    Update version 3.0

    Update release 2020.08.01 Added RuneLite client. Configuration: News feed: Adventure log: Notes: - - - - - - - - Added PvM Tickets. (Every npc ingame drops, 1:5 chance) Added PvM Store. - - - - - - - - Added Elite Trump Quest Part 1. http://www.goldenscape-ps.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1482-elite-donald-trump-quest-part-1/ Added Elite Trump Quest Part 2. http://www.goldenscape-ps.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1481-elite-donald-trump-quest-part-2/ - - - - - - - - Added Medium & Hard Soloraids: Added Scoreboard for Soloraids: Medium Soloraids Requirements: 250 Easy solo raids bosses. 10K Npc kills. Final Stage: 100M HP - - - - - - - - Hard Soloraids Requirements: 500 Easy solo raids bosses. 1000 Medium solo raids bosses. 50K Npc kills 1 Stage: Second stage: 3rd stage: Fourth stage: Demon goku drops: Final stage: 500M HP - - - - - - - - Added New Pets: Elite Donald Trump Pet. (4.0* Bonuses) 3 headed dog (2.5* Bonuses) Champion Dragon (2.7* Bonuses) Golden Cell (3.5* Bonuses) Demon Goku (3.5* Bonuses) Gold Kid Buu (4.0* Bonuses) Platinum Kid Buu (4.2* Bonuses) Pet Tank (3.0* Bonuses) - - - - - - - - Added Millitary Tank zone: ( Quest zone ) Drops: Soes, american partyhat,american cape,pet tank. - - - - - - - - Added Shia Chua zone. Drops: Shia Chua Gear (mid game) + flag cape + bow. Added Shia Chua Flag Cape 12% droprate,8% ddr. Added Shia Chua Bow 30% droprate, 10% ddr. (AOE) Added Shia Chua Set (full set wearing gives set bonus on range attacks! 3.0*) - - - - - - - - Added Idivius zone. Drops: Idivius (midgame) Mage gear. Added Idivius gear (wearing all set gives mage bonus attacks 2.5*) - - - - - - - - Added new progressions: - - - - - - - - Added new drop table check system: - - - - - - - - Changed second owner cape design: - - - - - - - - Added Demon Goku set: - - - - - - - - Combined 2 raids in one ( teamraids + dungeoneering raids) (only 1 raid at same time) Requirements to acces: 100 Combat level, all skill levels 99. 100K Npc kills. 250 Trump kills. 1000 Beerus kills. 1000 Kid buu kills. 150Hours playtime. Minimum player size to start raids: 2 ::raids to enter the lobby. 1st wave: 50M HP. Cyantrix Second wave: 75M HP. Predator 3rd wave: 100M HP. Shreder Fourth wave: 125M HP. Mini EarthQuake Fift wave: 150M HP. Fat Buu. Sixt wave: 175M HP. Slim Buu. Final stage: 750M HP. Corporeal Beast. Rewards: 1x Rey key. - - - - - - - - New upgrades: - - - - - - - - Fixed POS. (Lag issues). POS stores will auto refreshes every hour. Changed the way how POS loads, now it loads on login. - - - - - - - - Added ::rules command. - - - - - - - - Adedd ::killme command to kill yourself. - - - - - - - - Fixed Recolored owner staffs AOE effect. - - - - - - - - Updated donate store. - - - - - - - - Nerfed God mode potions: Was gived 1500 stats now will gives only 750. Also changed the time to 30min. Changed the rate of upgrade succes to 10%. - - - - - - - - Fixed Dua slayer bug Added new drop system
  7. Heraklis

    Elite Donald Trump Quest Part 1.

    Requirements: You need to finish all regular Donald Trump Quests. How to start a quest? Talk with the Elite Donald Trump, located near ::upgrades. You can get by farming millitary tank zone. You can earn PvM tickets by farming every monsters,bosses ingame. Rewards: Elite Donald Trump Pet. + 100Q
  8. Heraklis

    Elite Donald Trump Quest Part 2.

    Requirements: You need to finish all regular Donald Trump Quests You need to finish Elite Donald Trump Quest part 1. To start quest talk with Elite Donald Trump at home, near ::upgrades. How to get USA flag? You need Canton, Fly haist, Flag cape,Flag pole. (drops: fly haist,canton) (drops: flag pole) (drops: usa flag cape) Bring Canton, Fly haist, Flag cape,Flag pole & 100Q to Ali the Tailor. You will receive USA flag, Bring flag & 100Q to Ellis. Bring Sertificate and Flag, back to Elite Donald Trump and enjoy your award! Rewards: 500Q, 3 Store Mboxes, 1 God potion.
  9. Heraklis

    lollie12's support aplication

    Thanks for applying to our Staff team. You have been accepted to join the GoldenscapePS Staff team as a helper. Best of luck on server,You are doing a great job so far!
  10. Name(optional): joey In-game name: lollie12 Age: 22 What time zone you live in: UTC + 2 according to google 😛 How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): 4 - 5 hours a day. In the weekends like 5 - 8 hours How you contributed to the game: I'm always in for a nice talk with new and old players as an afford to have a friendly and supporting community. I always try to help people who need help. From killing world bosses to help people get going and lay out a path for them to get upgrades. I'm full of idea's to make some up to date and useful guides (gonna make them anyways haha) so people don't have the feeling they're lost in this content packed server. How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): Well i have 322 hours in-game time with a max of 15 hours of afking. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): mine first priority is making sure people enjoy they're time they put in the game. Not only content wise, but also the social part. I think making a chat with everyone and including everyone is a important thing to do. I think that is one of my strongest ability's i can offer How are you dealing with problems: I always try to keep calm and investigate the issue until i have found every detail i need. I would report my findings to someone who is higher up in the staff ranks to figure out whats the best solution because they have more experience in that kind of things and i think that's the best way to learn. In my opinion 2 minds are always better than 1. When its an urgent problem i will try to calm things down and would do 1 on 1 conversation with all party's involved. I would always try to make sure the help chat won't be spammed with hate and anger. How are you with dealing with people: I always try to find similarity's with other people to find a subject we can talk about. I always try to be friendly, supportive and encouraging. Even when people try to push me over my limits, I try to stay calm and ignore them until we both cooled off and have a civil conversation about it like adults. Peace out ❤️
  11. ozwf


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  12. Shu

    Ice/Trey's Support Application

    Helps out a lot, runs raids, and a good guy overall! +1
  13. rickles

    Quick ::raids Guide

    New to Raids? Tired of getting 1 hit? Just want some advice? No problem! What do I need to do for ::raids to be successful on most* of my runs? 99 ea stat 50k kc God Potion Decent-Good Gear (Cyan void or better) Cyan aura or Beerus Collector Max Cape Good Shield (If not two handed) Deadpool Offhand, Skittlez offhand or +1 or +2, War God Shield, War God Primal Shield Good weapon Melee: Skittlez or +1 or +2, Zeus weapon melee form, War god Axe, or War God Primal Axe. Shannon 1-5 Range: RFB or Upgraded RFB (Upgrade is 100% chance and if you go range, I fully recommend upgrading it) Mage: Venom staff, Zeus weapon mage form, Owner Staff (Please NOTE: A strong melee setup in my experience is perhaps the strongest and quickest way to do raids, but you need to have a backup mage or range weapon with you in case you get frozen, otherwise you will likely go down, even fully geared, if you get aggroed while frozen) Must Pray: Deflect Mage & Turmoil (This is a must!) Host: Make sure you have a host following these guidelines, otherwise if they go down, the whole party loses the raid! First thing, get 99 all stats and get yourself a Max Cape from veteran npc at home (For skilling/leveling help, refer to Yahtzee's Xp lamp guide & also his skilling guide, both on the forums) Do soloraids until you get a z500 weapon (aoe) from the soloraid chest Go to ::custom Farm raichus or luigis until 50k kc (Not to bad honestly, plus you will have a lot of diamonds and scrolls of enchant to sell for $$$) 100-200k ea per soe or diamond, so selling 5-10 of them will give you 1q for example Use the 50k custom coins you will have at custom shop to buy a gods minigun (aoe) much better then z500 Use diamonds and soes to sell/trade to other players to purchase gear, and a better raid weapon if you have enough Then do ::moneyzone or ::mmk (These can be done with gods minigun if necessary, but these zones are not aoe, but it will work as a decent single target weapon) To get loot and money to sell/keep to make a good raid set Also do ::moneyzone runs and get about 10-20 chemical x potions, (They drop from any moneyzone npc), you will need chemical x's and scroll of enchants to make god potions at endgame gear upgrader at home This is a must for a host, because if the host goes down, so does the whole party, and honestly anyone that wants to be efficient at raids: Drink god potion (1500 combat stats & regen better then ss for 240 minutes aka 4 hours) Pray Deflect Magic and Turmoil (Do not use soul split, it brings your health down from 1500 to 99, and the god potion healing will work perfectly for you, just do it, you will see, also deflect magic will give you the optimal protection you need, which you can't use along side soul split) Make sure you gear is in check (Look above for a reference) All players wanting to join the raid party do ::raids Then have the host do ::createparty They right click each player, and invite them The player will get a notification in chat The player left clicks the notification When all players are in the party The host does ::startraid Also, when the raid is complete, have everyone stay in the raids reward room, and when everyone is ready, the host can simply ::startraid again, without having to create another party If someone leaves the rewards room, they will leave the party If the host leaves the rewards room, the party is disbanded, and the host has to create a new party (Thanks ice for the quick ::startraid addition) Tips: Protect your host, if they go down, the whole party does Try not to get swarmed by too many aggroing enemies at once, even with the guide above and great gear, you can still go down! After all the rounds are completed, all players will get a raid key and be teleported to the reward chest room, open the chest, get your loot, and then do ::raids again to go back, form another party, and repeat! List of rewards (At least that I have seen drop) 1q Tickets Diamonds Scrolls of Enchant Mythical shards (both kinds) Dragon Eggs (both kinds) Void Pieces (I have seen toxic, golden and cyan likely drop too) Void Set Boxes (I have seen toxic, probably the same as above) Frieza Pieces Beerus Pieces Buu Pieces God potion War God Pieces Golden Buu Pieces Ragefire Bow Owners Staff (Probably others I have missed, feel free to discord me or post in here and I will update accordingly!) Also special loot tip: Individual bosses during raids: Most have drops, usually drops from buu's loot pool or donald trumps loot pool Mmk bosses: Also give mmk points Corporeal Beast: Gives a few small drops of diamonds and cash everytime, also have a 1/1k chance to drop the exclusive Diamond Torva Set Piece, which is basically a cosmetic, however, this is the only way to get the set, and this is the only place to face him (Mini corps don't drop Diamond Torva, and there is only 1 corp per raid, so if your a collector/into fashionscape, don't forget about Corp during the raids! (Diamond torva is a dated set with noobish stats, corp used to be a farmable boss, was taken out awhile back, but is now an enemy in ::raids, still a cool cosmetic set!)
  14. akuna

    Ice/Trey's Support Application

    +rep guy knows his stuff
  15. Name(optional): Trey In-game name: Ice Age: 20 What time zone you live in: Eastern time How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): Around 2+ hours minimum per day, some days can be double that. 🙂 How you contributed to the game: I'm usually online adding +1 more active player, helper, and possibly a friend to someone. I tend too attempt at finding the best methods for things if its from pvming speeds to earning gp, help someone with something whenever i can if i have the answer (nature), finding bugs and reporting them even if its a slight inconvenience bug, suggesting/thinking of ideas too improve the server/content, etc. How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): 121Hrs (rising constantly cause ima no life) What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): It's not too much i can mention about myself that differs me from the other staff members. I'm sure we would all have the same dedication for the server, the same kindness, helpfulness, and good viewpoint on most server related topics, of course making proper decisions. I tend too have good suggestions aslong as the dev can do something with my thoughts too take it further (probably will see some in discord). How are you dealing with problems: Currently, there is no problems other than what i cant fix from my position atleast. Aside from small bugs that are known and probably have been suggested too get fixed, i still enjoy the server with no problems of major glitching, bug abusing people, people arguing, etc. Actually one of the most chill communities ive seen so +1 for that. If need be though i see something wrong of course ill try too fix it if its possible in whatever position id be in given the situation. How are you with dealing with people: As of now i'm pvming with other players, making friends, giving advice i can to players who ask, helping new players that join with methods to make gp, etc etc. Only looking for positive vibes. Everytime i login i see no one being rude or causing problems even when there is no staff on so its not really a bad side of dealing with people. If anything was too go bad though i wouldn't hesitate too put on the big boi pants and enforce rules. That's it for my application, Appreciate the read. Sincerely, ya boi Trey (Ice).
  16. Name(optional): Brandon In-game name: 3v0y Age: 25 What time zone you live in: Mountain Daylight Time Time zone in Edmonton, AB (GMT-6) How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): 4 hours Minimum. How you contributed to the game: By logging all my valuable time, and helping out all the newbies. Suggesting others to vote, and join the server.. Straight up carried half the server for two days at raids. Thats true love. How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): 202. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): I'm hilarious, and a very personable person. Easy going, and easy to talk too. How are you dealing with problems: Usually alcohol.. lately chem x.. Now God Pots... Ingeneral handle problems well and maturely. How are you with dealing with people: Even better. Easy going, and easy to get along with.
  17. Whosgaze

    Update version 2.9

    Absolute banger update as always 😁
  18. Trey

    Update version 2.9

    Nice update fam. Gotta grind the raids asap
  19. Heraklis

    Update version 2.9

    Added new dungeoneering raids with op rewards! How to start? Use ::raids (Required 100combatlevel and 50level on all non-combat skills). Each killed raid npc gives dungeoneering exp! ::createparty, invite players and ::startraid! 10 Stages. (each stage have 4 npcs). Best reward owner staff, Ragefire bow, Golden buu set parts. Changed EarthQuake Boss model. Changed Opening box system to brand new cleaner one! For Blue-red chearts,donator box,special donate box,ellite pet box,soloraid box,gs box. Changed ::donationdeals items! Added new donation deals notification for new players! Added new ::train command for starters. Added new multi-zone icon. Added new God mode potion. Boosts your combat stats to 1500 for 240min. Updaded Ironman Store Added Double Vote Pet. 3* all bonuses. 6% dr,6% ddr. Added double vote pet to vote store. 550 points. Added new progression Added new upgrades interface. Added new upgrades to upgrade interface like red crystal heart,blue crystal heart,chemical x. Added new platinum buu set, (gold buu set upgrade). Added New 5 colors of Owner staffs. Dyeable. Galaxy Blood Magma Shadow Cyan You can use color dyes on owner staff to change the color!:) (Changed regular owner staff textures) Added Pheonix dragon set + sword. Added Pheonix dragon parts on custom combiner. Requirement: fire,frost dragons parts + diamonds + bill tickets = new pheonix dragon part. Wearing whole set + sword gives 4* bonus set bonus. Changed goodiebag best reward to owner staff. (was rfb) Changed MMK minigame drops, now its way easier to get rare drops. Added XP lamps, normal, big one. (AFK STORE) Fixed war god axe stats,frost-fire dragon swords stats. Changed Buu (250m) and Beerus (100m) HP. Fire and ice dragon symbols are now untradable. Added new daily bosses. Added more regular shards drops to mythical queens.
  20. I will be a bit less active from now on. I don't know for how long I'll be less active for, but I have some other games I want to focus on. Namely R6 (Rainbow Six Siege), ASE (Ark Survival Evolved). Feel free to message me on Discord or on the Forums

  21. storia

    XP Lamp / Effigies Guide

    Great Guide.
  22. Whosgaze

    XP Lamp / Effigies Guide

    Very well made
  23. Yahtzee

    XP Lamp / Effigies Guide

    NOTE: With update 2.9 now live, there's now more XP lamps available from the AFK Shop. A small Xp lamp for 75 Afk stones, and a Dragonkin lamp (same as from Effigies) for 250 Afk stones each. I'll update this guide later to fit the new changes. Heyo, I've seen some people ask if there are there any Xp lamps. The answer to that is yes. The only source of XP Lamps are Effigies which are best farmed by killing Hellhounds in Taverly Dungeon. To get there, you need to go to the Teleports menu, go to the Monsters tab and teleport to 'Livy'. There's two ways you from here: - Shortcut: If you have 80+ Agility, you can go through the Obstacle pipe West, then walk a bit North until you can see a Strange floor West. Jump over it and walk North to get to Hellhounds. - No Shortcut: At Livy's, walk South-West and follow the path North for a bit to find Hellhounds. I highly recommend using a Bonecrusher to crush bones and a Charming Imp to automatically bank Charms or convert them to Summoning XP. I peronsally have it set to convert Charms to XP by right-clicking the Charming Imp and select 'Config', but this is up to you. Since you most likely have a Collector's Necklace or Aura, it picks up all the regular bones. With the Bonecrusher you automatically bury the bones. You can buy the Bonecrusher and Charming Imp from the Boss Point shop at ::afkzone for 50 Boss Points each. What gear you use aside of these doesn't really matter, though I would recommend using Range or Mage weapons. It's important to know that you can only have one Effigy at a time. Once you have an Effigy, you need to fully investigate/unlock it to get the lamp, before being able to receive another as a drop. About Effigies Effigies require nourishment which is supplied by giving knowledge in particular skills with a level range of 91 to 97, with there being four stages for each Effigy. The reward from doing so is an amount of experience in the skill used to nourish that effigy, and after the fourth stage, the effigy becomes a Dragonkin Lamp, which grants experience in any skill relative to skill level. Each effigy can be nourished in one of two skills, which are organised into set pairs. The effigies are interested in only a limited set of skills: Farming / Fishing, Fletching / Woodcutting, Herblore / Prayer, Crafting / Agility, Mining / Smithing, Runecrafting / Thieving or Cooking / Firemaking. Effigies have 4 stages: Starved ancient Effigy (stage 1) - This will require at least a level of 91 in one of the two skills to investigate. Nourished ancient Effigy (stage 2) - This will require at least a level of 93 in one of the two skills to investigate. Sated ancient Effigy (stage 3) - This will require at least a level of 95 in one of the two skills to investigate. Gorged ancient Effigy (stage 4) - This will require at least a level of 97 in one of the two skills to investigate. In other words: to investigate or unlock an Effigy, you'll need to choose from two skills to 'feed knowledge'. There's 12 skills in total, listed in sets of 2. The skills require a level range from 91 to 97. The skills you have to choose from are listed in sets above this section. The easiest to skills to gain the required levels for are: Fishing, Woodcutting, Prayer, Crafting, Mining, Runecrafting and Cooking. Once fully investigated, these lamps grant a lot of experience right of the bat and scale with level. With one lamp when used in the Resource area, with an active pet and Xp buff from Well of Goodwill, should bring from level 1 to level 74. The Resource area can be found in the Wilderness. Teleport to ::Chaoselemental and walk West for a while until you see a fenced area. Then The entrance is North. And with that concludes this guide. I know that I talked about Effigies in my Maxing/Skilling Guide. But I figured to make a separate guide to try to make it easier to understand. Especially for those who aren't very good in English. So I hope this was easier to follow if you had trouble doing so before.
  24. Whosgaze

    Koala Dot Goldenscape Theme Song

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