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  3. Rng/Buu

    God Himselfs' Guide on How to make a guide

    I love this haha great job ❤️
  4. If you find yourself here, You're probably trying to make a fire a$$ Guide. (And ill do my best to help :)) FIRST OFF! You will need to know what you're talking about. We don't want players strutting around with false knowledge spreading it to others. So make sure you're knowledgeable in the topic. SECOND OFF! Try to get as far into detail as possible including problems they may encounter whilst doing the activity. Make sure you throw in tips or methods you would use or that is faster/better. Mention their gear needed, weapons needed, stats needed, or requirements so new players are not confused. If you are reading this far into the Guide you are either: 1. Very bored 2. My Frann4Life 3. A Master Guider (now) Yes, this is a pointless guide in a way. I thought if players needed help thinking of how to do their guides they can check this out for an idea maybe. - God Himself
  5. God HImself

    God Himselfs' Gambling Guide

    God Himselfs' guide to gambling! How it works: First off, You will need to be a sponsor, Super Sponsor or Diamond rank to participate in Gambling. Second off, you will need cash, items, or anything that players value or look for. Let's get started!! How to get there: To get to the gambling area you will use ::Dicezone. Game Types, Gambling Screen and Helpful Tips The main Game types are Blackjack, 55x2 & Flower Poker. Be sure to always double check your betting screens to insure a fair game. If you seem unsure about the legitimacy of your opponent feel free to ask a staff to watch or record your session!
  6. Rng/Buu


    Pm one of the staff on discord.
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  8. fejfo


    Hello i need help with my account FEJFO i cant log on beacause always show me on the screen invalid password... i dont know how to recover my account... can someone help me with that? thank you
  9. Heraklis

    Noveka's support application

    Accepted your application,Goodluck on future! i hope you will be active!
  10. Heraklis

    God Himself's Helper Application

    Accepted your application,Goodluck on future! i hope you will be active!
  11. Name(optional): Not Disclosing to Public In-game name: God Himself (ingame) Age: 27 What time zone you live in: Central Time US How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): 4-8 hours, Days I have work i am on a minimum of around 2 - 4 hours. On my days off 6+ hours. How you contributed to the game: I have offered many suggestions to help/improve the server for others. I help players whenever needed. i report suspicious activity and/or rules that people break. How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): I can't see my playtime atm due to downloading new client but i definitely know its 400+ hours. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): I offer a sense of awareness in the community. I am good at noticing when moments/situations need handled with delicacy and/or quick action (depending on the severity of the situation.) I am a manager at one of my 2 jobs. I am fit for the position and will not dissapoint. How are you dealing with problems: As a normal player, I don't have much power to tell others not to do things. So I resort to bringing the issue to a staff member. But as a staff, I would be sure to be respectful and fair to any and all players no matter the situation. How are you with dealing with people: I have a small circle, most are those i've played with way back when server was still a baby. I am polite to all players that approach me with respect. I am a very fair person and try to make sure every player here shares the same experience i had when i started. I would be grateful to be given a shot at Helper. I would give it my all. (: Thanks for taking the time to look over my application. See y'all ingame! God Himself
  12. Shannon

    thanos infinity gauntlet

    :D Glad that I have found this server, and thank you @Heraklis for welcoming me as Model Creator, will do my best to continue forth with better and more amazing quality content for everyone to enjoy! See everyone in-game!
  13. Heraklis

    Update Version 2.3

    *Changed Loading, Login screens* *Added 5 new shannon swords* *Shannon sword [1] 14%,115k Strength, 50k attack,2k prayer bonuses* *Shannon sword [2] 14%,120k Strength, 55k attack,3k prayer bonuses* * Shannon sword [3] 15%,130k Strength, 65k attack,3.5k prayer bonuses* *Shannon sword [4] 15%, 140k Strength, 75k attack,4k prayer bonuses* *Shannon sword [5] 15%, 150k Strength, 85k attack,5k prayer bonuses* How to get it? You can buy Shannon sword [1] from slayer points store (10k points) , and upgrade it on endgame upgrader. *Added golden dragon ballz quest reset scroll.* How to get it? You need to bring 7 golden dragon balls to custom combiner and combine the scroll. *Changed goodiebox prizes* Now with every 50$ donation you will receive a goodie box. *Added bank placeholders* *Added custom well of Godwill* *Added Progression manager and more progressions* *Added Custom item combiner machine* 100% succes chance! *Changed upgrade items machine model* *Added a guide book.* How to get it? Talk with guideman on train location. *Added a report abuse button* How it works? Click on the button and write a report. Report sends to staff team. *Added a suggestion command* ::suggest ; ::suggestion *Fixed & updated ::donationdeals * Now donation deals resets every 24hours! *Changed AFK tree model & location* How to acces it? ::afktree *Added email authenticator* How to setup: 1) Set your email ::setemail example@example.com (enter) 2) ::verifyemail (you will receive a confirm code) 3) ::verifyemail confirmcode. Email verified! Why its important to verify your email? You will get progression reward for it; also, if someone logs on your account with different IP address, it will LOCK your account and sends auth to your email. (while your account is locked "HACKER" cant do anything with it) How to unlock account? ::verify authcode. *Added password recovery option* Requirements: Verified email How to recover your losted password? 1) Login with new account and type ::resetpassword (email of the acc) Example: ::resetpassword example@example.com 2) You should get an email with a code to the email you used. 3) Type ::resetpassword (email of the acc) code Example: ::resetpassword example@example.com code Now if the code was correct you will receive an email with the new password of the account. *Added New custom home* *Added Bender* Drops: Pet Bender, Empty beer, Cigar, Bender helmet. *Added Beer weapon (Range + *2 damage ) (combined item) * How to get it? *Added Bender helmet. (bender drop) *Added Bender cigar helmet. (combined item) How to get it? *Added Pet Bender* 3.0* all bonuses. 6% droprate. *Added Baby* Drops: Unsealed baby set parts, pet , cape! How to complete the set parts? Bring items to custom combiner and combine them! *Added Pet Baby* 3.2* all bonuses. 6% droprate. *Added 5 Kinds Shannon wings* *Shannon wings [1] 13%,20k Strength, 5k attack,250 prayer bonuses* *Shannon wings [2] 14%,22k Strength, 7k attack,350 prayer bonuses* * Shannon wings [3] 14%,24k Strength, 8k attack,400 prayer bonuses* *Shannon wings [4] 15%, 25k Strength, 9k attack,500 prayer bonuses* *Shannon wings [5] 15%, 30k Strength, 10k attack,1k prayer bonuses* *Changed dicezone map* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Added Computer ban (macban)* *Fixed dual slayer* *Added new custom gfx system* *Changed infinity gauntlet attack GFX`es* *Fixed slayer key price on slayer store* *Changed default teleport gfx* *Changed Z500, upgraded Z500 attack gfxes* *Added more Defence & HP to starter boss* *Changed megaboss drops, now 5 players get loots (was 3)* *Fixed drop items bug, from now when you die in wilderness, you dont drop items anymore.* *Fixed gambling bugs ( you are not more available to cancel the gambling session* *Updated All RSPS top lists* *Changed clue scrolls places* *Fixed right click Walk here option.* *Added Thanos ring upgrade to Majin Ring on endgame upgrader (cost 3000 soes, 15% chance)* GOOD NEWS FOR ALL PLAYERS. OBFUSCATED ALL OUR CUSTOM MODELS NO`ONE CAN STEAL IT!
  14. Heraklis

    Drop guide & Droprate items

    Droprate guide: Max droprate is 80% Max double droprate is 100% Rank droprates: Owner: 16% Developer: 16% Support: 16% Moderator: 16% Gfx_designer: 16% Donator: 3% Superdonator: 4% Sponsor: 8% Super sponsor: 12% Diamond Donator : 16% Youtuber: 16% Ironman: 4% Hardcore ironman 5% Items droprates: Row(1) = 4% Row (2) = 6% Row (3) = 8% Lucky row = 12% Owner cape = 15% Baby cape = 14% Rastaman symbol = 12% Nice wings = 8% Venom wings = 13% Thanos Ring = 12% Majin ring = 13% DEVIL MAY CRY DUALS 30% GODS DUALS 30% RAGEFIREBOW 30% CUSTOM ragefire BOW 30% Deadpool sword 15% Deadpool offhand 14% Joker shield 13% Assasin weapon 15% Shannon sword [5] 15% Shannon sword [4] 15% Shannon sword [3] 15% Shannon sword [2] 14% Shannon sword [1] 14% Bong 15% Rastaman shield offhand 13% Cyan rfb BOW 30% THANOS CAPE 8% Cyan wings 13% Cell wings 14% Shannon wings [1] 13% Shannon wings [2] 14% Shannon wings [3] 14% Shannon wings [4] 15% Shannon wings [5] 15% Heka`s scythe 10% Supreme flame blade 4% THOR WARHAMMER +1 9% THOR WARHAMMER +2 10% THOR WARHAMMER +3 11% RISING STAR BLADE 3% destroyer CAPE 9% COLLECTOR AMULET 10% GALAXY MINIGUN 10.0% DRAGON MINIGUN 20.0% OWNERS STAFF 15% CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD 12% Golden offhand 13% COLLECTOR AURA regular 10% UPGRADED COLLECTOR AURA 12% PURPLE COLLECTOR AURA 13% Weed collector aura. 11% TOP DONATOR AURA 15% DARKLORD CAPE 12% EPIC CAPE 7% Z500 GUN 15% Beer 15% Z500 upgraded gun 15% Z500OFFHAND 10% Z500OFFHAND upgraded 12% CORRUPT RING OF WEALTH 10% OP RING 15% BRUTAL WHIP 10% GODS BRUTAL WHIP 12% FLAMING PHEONIX WHIP 5% ICY CROSSBOW 8% BLOOD GLAIVE 8% Thunder staff 10% Mystic staff 12% Mystic staff 13% ICY GLAIVE 12% spiderman GLAIVE 11% GOD`S GLAIVE 15% venoms Glaive 15% LIT AF hammer 15% kittlez sword 15% upgraded LIT AF hammer 15% GOD`S sword 15% Christmas hammer 5% Christmas schyte 5% Christmas cane 5% GOD OF WAR MINIGUN (2 HANDED) 20% GOD`S MINIGUN (2 HANDED) 30% Christmas minigun 10% DRACONIC 2H SWORD 15% THOR HAMMER 8% SOUL KATANA 7% golden KATANA 15% toxic KATANA 10% COMPLETED IRON MAN HELM 1% COMPLETED IRON MAN BODY 1% COMPLETED IRON MAN LEGS 1% COMPLETED IRON MAN GLOVES 1% COMPLETED IRON MAN BOOTS 1% KRYPTIC STAFF 10% REGULAR TEDDYBEAR 8% bladed shield 14% PURPLE TEDDY BEAR 10% Legacy shield 11%
  15. Heraklis

    Game Commands

    Game Commands: :: help - contacts staff for help :: upgrade - opens upgrades inferface :: startertasks - Tasks for starters! :: starterguide - guide for starters! :: clues - clue scroll places! :: home - teleports you to home area :: dicezone - teleports you to the gamble area :: vote - opens vote page :: chill - good place to chill place :: setemail - sets an email on your account :: donate - opens donate page :: priceguide - opens priceguide page :: npctasks - kill npcs for awards :: claim - claims a donation :: comp - Item stats comparator :: altar - altars place :: train - teleports you to training zone :: maxhit - shows your max hits :: empty - empties your entire inventory :: answer (answer) - answers the trivia :: skull - skulls your player :: drop (npc name) - opens drop list of npc :: draconic - teleports to draconic global boss :: fumus - teleports to fumus :: thor - teleports to thor :: thanos - teleports to thanos :: captainamerica - teleports to captain america :: soulscreamer - teleports to soulscreamer :: raiden - teleports to raiden :: vegeta - teleports to vegeta :: goku - teleports to goku :: marvel - teleports to marvels raids :: defenders - teleports to defenders minigame :: tactical - teleports to tactical wizard :: destroyer - teleports to destroyer :: raids - teleports to raid zone :: custom - custom single zone :: deadisland - island of the death :: Tormented - tormented demon teleport :: ChaosElemental - *WILDERNESS* :: rastaman - rastaman zone :: soloraid - solo raid zone :: helicopter - new zone :: mega - new mega boss zone :: progressions - new proggresion tasks :: joker - New unique zone :: deadpool - New unique zone :: cell - New unique zone :: broly - New unique zone :: buu - Majin ring required to acces this zone :: bender - New unique zone :: baby - New unique zone :: afktree - afk zone
  16. storia

    Noveka's support application

    Thank you for your application! Best of Luck!
  17. Name(optional): Eric In-game name: Noveka Age: 27 What time zone you live in: Cst (America) How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): On average, I spend 30-50 hours a week on goldenscape. Mostly overnights. How you contributed to the game: Have helped numerous beginner players with starter information, items to help the long grind, suggestions on what to aim for next and have helped mediate many arguments or disagreements while online. How long you have been playing(Playtime Hours): Currently I have 668H played on GS, I have been playing since the original server released and have been hooked ever since. What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): I'm particularly adept, at putting myself in other people's positions, to better understand where they're coming from and helping to settle situations. I'm often helping to settle disagreements, or arguments between other players, or clarifying information with items/quests. I have a lot of GS experience under my belt, and I feel like I could benefit the server most by being on mainly when staff numbers are low (overnight early am). How are you dealing with problems: I'm fairly well versed in dealing with problems, as half of what I do for a living is a virtual service provider, i'm used to having to creatively solve, and remedy most personal/ business related issues. How are you with dealing with people: i'd like to believe i'm moderately proficient in handling people, I find it fairly easy to see from other people's positions and understand their frustration, while helping to ease them into understanding an outside view as well. It takes an incredible amount to actually make me genuinely upset, so keeping my cool is never an issue.
  18. storia

    Mustikas supporter application

    Demoted due inactivity.
  19. Heraklis

    Update Version 2.2

    - Updated owner cape zone. - Added Kid Buu set (unique) 5 parts. - Added Kid buu npc (unique). - Added Majin ring (best ingame,also with acces to kid buu zone) - Added cell map (DBZ) - Added cell set. - Added cell npc. - Added goodie box. - Changed spellbook teleports icons. - Added cyan broly zone. (drops cyan broly pet,golden dragon balls,assasin claw) - Added Joker. - Added Jokers zone, npcs. - Added Jokers helm,body,legs,shield. - Added deadpool. - Added deadpool zone, npcs. - Added deadpool set, weapon, offhand. - Added new cryptic box. - Added new golden dragon balls (7) - Added new golden dragon balls quest. (you can finish it one time) - Added StoreMbox Loots: - Added new Q tickets store you can buy some new stuff from it. - Added some set bonuses Full cell gear bonus = * 2.5 Full kid buu gear bonus = *4.0 Full deadpool gear bonus = *1.5 Full joker gear bonus = *1.5 Full completed ironman gear bonus = *4.0 Added new scrolls to q ticket store. Double drop scroll ( 2 mins, every drop * 2) 5X damage scroll ( 2 mins, all damage * 5) 10X damage scroll ( 2 mins, all damage * 10 Double slayer scroll (5min, slayer points * 2) Triple slayer scroll (5min, slayer points * 3) - Added ::online command. - Added 5 new pets. 1. Buu 3.5x bonuses (best ingame). 2. Cell 2.8x bonuses. 3. Cyan Broly 2.8x bonuses. 4. Deadpool 2.7x bonuses. 4. Joker 2.6x bonuses. ------------------- Fixes Changes ------------------------- - Changed cheetos torva textures. - Removed custom yell tag for donors,super donors,sponsors. - Reworked custom yell tag system. - Fixed deadisland boss achievement - Added KBD on tormented zone. - Changed assemble 5 godswords achievement to finish golden dbz quest. - You cannot trade yourself from the same IP. - Disabled dropping items worldwide. - You cant enter starter boss without less than 20 hours playtime. - Added gods minigun to blue cheart. - Fixed progression errors. - Fixed monk head model. - Nerfed all void sets wearing bonuses. - Lowered 1b tickets ammounts on achievements. - Higher well of godwill cash needed amount to 50m. (20% ddr increase now was 10%) - Created Gfx Designer rank.
  20. storia

    "Focus" Helper Application

    Declined for being nonactive, you can reapply in 2 weeks! Thank you and best of luck!
  21. Heraklis

    Mustikas supporter application

    Gz on helper, i accept this application!:) hope you will be active enough!
  22. hanti

    Mustikas supporter application

    im sorry 😉
  23. mustikas

    Mustikas supporter application

    xxooxx on eestlane aga thanks and he just made a joke 🙂
  24. hanti

    Mustikas supporter application

    probably i will honor for u this , ja teen seda alati, , xxooxx learn to play helper srsly 😉
  25. s3enn

    Mustikas supporter application

    Thanks for always helping in-game brahh! Wishing you all the best with ur application, Looking forward seeing you becoming one of the staff member soon! <3333
  26. Xxooxx

    Mustikas supporter application

    being helper require 5+qt bank u cant be helper yet get back to grinding!.
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