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    • Goldenscape Update 1.2 NEW CLIENT: http://www.goldenscape-ps.com/downloads/GoldenscapeV1.2.jar
      *Added new set: Supreme flame Helmet - 850+ Strenght bonus 7% droprate.
      Body - 850+ Strenght bonus 7% droprate.
      Legs - 850+ Strenght bonus 7% droprate.
      Boots - 1000+ Strenght bonus 4% droprate.
      Gloves - 850+ Strenght bonus 5% droprate.
      Wings - 1200+ Strenght bonus 4% droprate. *Added new weapon: Supreme flame great blade.
      1000+ Strenght bonus , 6% droprate. *Updated enchant system. Now you got only 50% to successfully enchant an item.
      You can now upgrade your rising star set! (armor enchant + rising star part = supreme flame) *Added supreme flame offhand sword.
      1000+ Strenght bonus, 4% droprate. *Fixed soulsplit moonwalk bug! 
      *Added supreme flame offhand sword to gs general market. *Added cape enchants
      *Now you can enchant your epic cape to +5. (1+ gives 500+ str 1% droprate)
      *Added new npc: cape enchant guard ::enchant zone. 1:800 drops cape enchants.
      *Added completed owner cape 10%.
      *Now you can upgrade your owner cape.
      *Updated staff stores. *Fixed clan chat.
      *Fixed summoning pouches.
    • Name(optional): Chris   In-game name: Evak   Age: 21   What time zone you live in: Central    How much time you can spend on the server (avrg.): 6-7 hours a day   How you contributed to the game: I have been playing Goldenscape since early 2016   How long you have been playing: early 2016, in the last version I had over 40 days ingame    What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): I can bring a positive attitude and good problem solving skills. also I am very spontaneous and have a lot of good ideas for the server in the future. also I will be online when most people wont be due to my time zone so I can offer further help to players in my time zone!   How are you dealing with problems: I can handle any problem thrown my way within my ability to solve it   How are you with dealing with people: I get along with people great! there isn't a problem or a person I cant handle 
    • GOLDENSCAPE OFFICIAL PRICES Use (ctrl+f) to find what you are looking for!  Donator ranks Req donator box - 55T
      Super donator ticket - 100T
      Sponsor box - 500T
      Super sponsor rank - 1Q
      Diamond rank - 2Q   Armour/weapons Flaming Pheonix helmet - 150T
      Flaming Pheonix body - 100T 
      Flaming Pheonix legs - 100T
      Flaming Pheonix shield - 100T 
      Flaming Pheonix Brutal whip - 150T
      Completed Flaming Pheonix helmet - 300T 
      Completed Flaming Pheonix body - 300T 
      Completed Flaming Pheonix legs - 300T 
      Completed Flaming Pheonix shield - 300T 
      Completed Flaming Pheonix Brutal whip - 380T  Draconic Helmet - 7T 
      Draconic Body -  7T
      Draconic legs - 7T Elite torva helmet - 20T
      Elite torva body - 20T 
      Elite torva legs - 20T
      Elite trophy - 15T   Cold cape - 100T 
      Cold boots - 5T 
      Cold sword - 5T 
      Cold helmet - 5T 
      Cold bow - 5T  Rising star helmet - 15T
      Rising star Body - 15T
      Rising star wings - 25T
      Rising star legs - 15T
      Rising star Boots - 15T
      Rising star Gloves - 15T Prime torva helm - 3T
      Prime torva platelegs - 3T
      Prime torva body - 3T Tetsu Platebody - 10T 
      Tetsu Platelegs -  10T
      Tetsu Full Helmet - 10T Blade torva helmet - 5T 
      Blade torva body - 5T 
      Blade torva legs - 5T 
      Blade torva sword - 7T 
      Blade torva shield - 7T  Eclipse helmet - 15T
      Eclipse body -  15T
      Eclipse legs - 15T
      Eclipse party hat - 3T 
      Eclipse blade - 25T Weapons/Other Assault riffle - 50T 
      Colored Assault riffles - 70T 
      OMG Brutal Whip -  10T
      Chaotic Brutal Whip - 5T
      Poison Brutal Whip - 5T
      Glock -  3T
      Owner Katana -  15T Colored Deathful Shields - 3T
      Infinity Flag - 50B
      Rainbow Boots  - 
      Hell Boots - 
      Custom Boots - 2T+
      Angel boots -  200B
      Epic cape -  100T or (depending on the seller)
      Veteran cape -  Depending on the seller
      Dragon wings - 100B (Cosmetic) Evil amulet 30T
      Completed Evil amulet 50T Boxes/Hearts Red Loot Box - 2T
      Super Magic Box - 7T  Enchant Armor Enchant - 15T
      Weapon Enchant - 15T
      Jewellery Enchant - 15T   PRICES MAY CHANGE!                        
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